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Culture of Disability

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Culture of Disability

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Sociology

Level: University

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Words: 550

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Culture of Disability
Yes, I believe a disability culture exists. The disability culture exists as a group of people who have some sort of disability. The disability culture has no language or artifacts that distinguish them from other people, but the culture is made up of skills and arts like poetry, performance pieces, sculptures and even dance. For a long time, people have referred to this group of people with patronizing terms like ‘crippled’, ‘limited’, ‘impaired’ and many others. By grouping these people as the disability culture, there is some hope in that term. 1 This term gives abilities to the people with disability. The disability culture has no single explanation like the other cultures. Disability culture comprises of many other aspects such as expression, art, performance and a community of people who share the same experiences in their daily lives. Many members of the society have always thought that people with disabilities are always very different from the other members of the community. People with disabilities have a lot in common, and therefore they understand each other better. Even the nondisabled people have a disability that is not visible, unlike the people who belong to the disability culture.
Their disability is visible and does not allow them to interact with the society like the other people. The main reason as to why I say that there is a disability …

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