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Code of Ethics

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Code of Ethics

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Code of Ethics
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Principles and Standards of Conduct in Occupational Therapy
Beneficence includes acts that benefit others such as ones that prevent harm, encourage good, and eliminate danger to others (American Occupational Therapy Association 2015). For example, an occupational therapist failure to involve a physical therapist for successful treatment of a patient with paralyzed limbs breaches the principle of beneficence. The action can lead to further damage or prolonged immobility of the patient.
Nonmaleficence This principle necessitates occupational therapists to refrain from imposing harm or engage in actions that risk causing hurt to others even if the intentions are not malicious (American Occupational Therapy Association 2015). A breach may involve a therapist proposing and encouraging a person with PTSD to engage in an untested alternative treatment for such conditions posing risks that may further deteriorate the person’s initial mental state.
This principle requires occupational therapists to acknowledge others’ consent, privacy, self-determination, and confidentiality (American Occupational Therapy Association 2015). For instance, failure by a therapist to provide all treatment options to patients interferes with the patient’s ability to make sound choices which is a violation of autonomy OT standard.
Justice necessitates equality, fairness, and proper treatm…

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