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Code of Ethics: Cultural Competence and Social Diversity

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Code of Ethics: Cultural Competence and Social Diversity

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Sociology

Level: Masters

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Words: 275

Code of Ethics: Cultural Competence and Social Diversity
In the ACA Codes of Ethics (2014), two major ethical codes apply to cultural competence and social diversity. The ethical code A.2.c on the development and cultural sensitivity provides that counselors should present the information in a culturally appropriate way. It means that the counselor should use a language that the client understands. Otherwise, there should be a translator to enhance the understanding. Secondly, the ethical code B.1.a on multicultural and diversity considerations provides that the counselors ought to maintain the cultural meaning of confidentiality and privacy while creating awareness. In this case, they should engage the client in discussions to understand their different definitions if information disclosure. Moreover, the counselors should respect the diverse cultural opinions on confidentiality (“Counseling.Org”). Similarly, the NASW Code of Ethics (2011) also provides on the important ethical standard. The ethical standard 1.05 on cultural awareness and social diversity provide that social workers sought to research and understood the various cultural practices and social diversity of the clients. It helps in promoting competency by avoiding any sensitive cultural aspects that may cause negative implications for the clients and thus affect the service delivery process (“Socialwork.Utexas.Edu”).
The above ethical codes are relevant as they …

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