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Case stud of a organisation of your Choice

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Case stud of a organisation of your Choice

Category: Case Study

Subcategory: Business

Level: Academic

Pages: 6

Words: 1650

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The Victoria Oil and Gas Case Study
Summary (Abstract)
Company culture differentiates a given company from another and informally defines a code of conduct for the employees to follow (Tissot & Welte, 2012). The Victoria Oil &Gas Company is an energy utility company that is located in western Africa, in the Republic of Cameroon.The company, founded in 2004, was initially developed as an energy exploration company to explore energy resources in Cameroon. In recent years,the company under the stewardship of Kevin Foo, the current CEO, has been engaged in an ambitious expansion program.In the new program, the company has been expanding into new energy sectors andto establish itself as an energy utility (Directors and management, n.d). The expansion program introduces new challenges in terms of maintaining the company’s culture and brand identity and successful incorporation of the new challenges presents the company with its biggest challenge yet. The paper examines a cultural challenge that companies deal with and the Victoria Gas & Oil is used as the case study.
The Victoria Oil&Gas organization, an African gas and oil energy company, are located in Logbaba in Douala, Cameroun, in West Africa. The company has flagship assets in Cameroon and is,basically, the leading energy utility and production company i…

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