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volunteer journal entry

Volunteer Journal Entry Author’s Name Institution Nails salon is one business that has gained popularity with the increased demand for the services they offer. It is, therefore, essential for such service providers to render quality services to increase customer loyalty due to the competitive nature of the business. As a volunteer assistant manager, I had to familiarize with the environment to create a rapport with the customers and the employees. One of my obligations was to oversee the employees. I was also required to engage the customers in determining the level of satisfaction they acquired from the services we offered. I involved all employees in the salon to work as a team. During...

Web Transaction Logs

Web Transaction Logs Name Institution Web transaction is a series of URLs joined into a single complete process. Distinctive dealings are when a client logs in an adherent website, creates an acquisition on a shop site, completes and sends a network form and executes other collaborations with a web application and website. The transaction logs are critical components of every database. Each server database consists of a transaction log with the sole responsibility of recording every database modification and all transactions made. All activities on a website are recorded and are very useful when analyzing user activities and preferences. When transaction logs, shopping cart databases,...

what business means to me?

What Business Means To Me Name: Institution: Businesses are a critical part of our society today, and it helps to integrate a huge number of sectors in society today. It is through a business that some of the essential needs get to be satisfied; money earned through this business then helps to sustain people’s livelihoods. Additionally, businesses also contribute to building and developing a country’s infrastructure as well as the formation of key life-long friendships. Personally, businesses have had a huge impact on my life since it has created a job opportunity for me. To be honest, I would not be able to sustain the life I live right now were it not for businesses. Most importantly,...

Why Implementation of Enterprise Application Fails

Why Implementation of Enterprise Application Fails Name: Institution: Introduction An Enterprise application is the business process management software that is designed to integrate all levels of business operations and processes like human resource, inventory, manufacturing, and distribution; for a seamless flow of information. An advanced enterprise application system links the firm’s business partners, suppliers, and customers. On the other hand, business process re-engineering- a subset of Enterprise application-is an innovative and a core business process that aims at the elimination of costs and redundancies in the business. It seeks to wholly restructure and redesign processes,...

Theories of leadership

Leadership Theories Student’s name Institution Leadership Theories All organizations require structured and defined leadership system. Without leadership, nothing significant can happen in a group. Different people in leadership positions exhibit and demonstrate distinct styles. The styles sometimes depend on training, organizational culture, or personality. Due to the observed differences, various scholars gained interest in research and expressed their thoughts about leadership criteria through theories. The Contingency theory is one of the most crucial and influential explanations of leadership. The Contingency theory is in three major parts developed by different people. Among the...

Unique Features of E-commerce Technology

Unique Features of E-commerce Technology Name: Institution: Unique Features of E-commerce Technology Introduction Since the inception of the internet, the amount of users has increased hence boosting E-commerce technology. This growth is because the internet is available almost everywhere, in buses, homes, airplanes, etc., at a low price or for free. This characteristic makes it an effective tool for businesses to trade globally. E-commerce is the buying and selling or data and fund transfers through an electronic network, the internet, also referred to as electronic commerce. These transactions occur either between businesses and consumers, business-to-business, consumer and firms, and...


562 Unit 1 Student’s Name Institution 562 Unit 1 Sustainability is a practice through which a business enterprise manages its environmental, economic and social threats. Sustainability helps a business to endure shocks and become resilient by maintaining a healthy social, economic and environmental approach. In some cases, however, business and sustainability do not rhyme together. These businesses view sustainability as a hindrance as it reduces the business profits through the processes and systems adopted. Pressure is building up for businesses to adopt and merge sustainability with decent business practices. This paper will critically explain why sustainability is the future of...

Small Business

Student’s Name Instructor Course Date Reader’s Response As the owner of a small business one of the options that I would take is the use of internet access to market my business to targeted customers. The first option is to create accounts on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. However, I'd consider some factors before choosing which social media platforms to focus on. For example, if the business focuses on sales of shoes, Instagram and Facebook would be the best options. It is because I can post beautiful photos of the shoes on sale likely to attract customers who can make orders. Alternatively, I'd create a business website and operate myself to keep...

Team Dynamics

Team Dynamics Name: Institution: Date: Team dynamics implies to the effects of the interactions between members of a team who take on various roles and behaviors. Team dynamics can affect teams in many fields including business teams, technology teams, and social teams/groups among other group settings. Over the years, through studies and research, management experts have been able to outline what factors can contribute to positive group dynamics and even poor group dynamics. In this case, we will focus on what could have caused the poor group dynamics in the small group and eventually causing the project to stagnate. According to Forbes Coaches Council (2016), a team with poor group dynamics...