Scholarship Essay

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Scholarship Essay
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Narrate a scene where the weird sisters appear and speak to Macduff after King Duncan is killed.

Author’s Name: Lecturer: Course Title: Due Date: King Duncan is dead, and each and turmoil has filled the air. Everyone wondered who would take the thrown to replace the fallen king. And it happened that it was time for the witches, commonly known by the name, weird sisters, to be consulted to at least shed some light on who might be the king. Macduff, being one of the people who were closest to the deceased king, he showed the greatest potential to take the kingship seat. Eventually, the weird sisters appear and in a dramatic scene they appeared to have taken the crowd by surprise. The weird sisters seem so much interested to speak with Macduff. Firstly, there is a dramatic scene, and just...

Mr Bill

Formula for total daily expenses To sum up daily expenses, Fj = SUM (Bj:Ej), where, j is the column number. For instance, total daily expenses for; 14-Sep = F5 = SUM (B5:E5) 15-Sep = F6 = SUM (B6:E6) 16-Sep = F7 = SUM (B7:E7) 17-Sep = F8 = SUM (B8:E8) 18-Sep = F9 = SUM (B9:E9) 19-Sep = F10 = SUM (B10:E10) And the grand total for all daily expenses = F11 = SUM (F5:F10) Weekly totals The formula for weekly totals per class of expense will be given by: Auto/Gas weekly totals = B13 = SUM (B5:B11) Hotels weekly totals = C13 = SUM (C5:C11) Meals weekly totals = D13 = SUM (D5:D11) Weekly totals for other expenses = E13 = SUM (E5:E11) Receipt required Print YES To print YES in column G...

Assessing suicide risk in the adult patient

Assessing the Suicide Risk in Adult Patients Chapter 3 The article starts by saying that suicide and suicidal patients are a pervasive part of the mental health practice. According to a survey, a typical psychologist sees up to five patients for whom suicide is a problem. 36% of the professionals surveyed indicated they had lost a patient during their practice. In the same way, 97% of the practitioners, have treated at least a patient sporting suicidal tendencies. This indicates that most professionals offer suboptimal care in the issues related to suicide. In the same way, most of them lacked a formal assessment of suicide risk among their patients. Also, for most psychology or medical...

Psychology Knowledge to Movie “Breakfast Club”

Breakfast Club (1985) is movie centring on some teenage characters. Apparently, it shows the recklessness of youth at that contemporary time. But in deep, it encounters the bio-psycho-social influences of each character in the film. In general, each of them struggles with their dysfunctional family and this incompleteness shapes their character. However, the bio-physio-social model inculcates an amalgamation of human biological elements with social influences and how they together formulate human behaviour and attitude. The film very intelligently and covertly has mingled various concepts of psychoanalytic theory, humanistic theories, social cognitive or learning theories and trait theory in order to...

Israeli soldiers that carry out a mapping activity in Palestinian homes

The first part of the article highlights a case of Israeli soldiers that carry out a mapping activity in Palestinian homes. The exercise is portrayed as scary for two reasons. Firstly, it is carried out in the middle of the night. The soldiers went around the villages between midnight and morning. This woke up the Palestinians and they felt that it was unfair to carry out the exercise at such time. The second thing that makes the exercise scary is the banging that is done by the soldiers when they enter a home. In my opinion, the making of the exercise scary is mean, inconsiderate, and abusive on the people involved. The case of the woman that was expectant shows how horrific it is to the...

To kill a mockingbird

The Tell-Tale Heart, Edgar Allan Poe The short story “The Tell-Tale Heart” by Allan Poe gives a glimpse of a poet in deep thoughts. Poe imagines his artistic skills in musical intelligence even though in cognitive and psychological imbalance. The character is obviously mad (fourth stanza pg 1) but in the story, it is hard to tell when he is speaking the truth or hallucinating. The stylistic devices used by Poe attract the reader to make meaning the mad man’s narration. Poe’s symbolism at the beginning gives the defense to his state of not only nervous, but also madness. “….nervous, very very dreadfully nervous I had been and am; but why will you say I am mad? The diseases had sharpened...

America was built on the backs of Slaves

Name Professor Course Date America was built on the backs of Slaves The assertion that America was built on the backs of slaves has been a contentious issue for long. While some people believe that the development of America was because of the contribution of all races, others continue to state that the slaves did most work. They believe that America experienced rapid growth during the time when slavery flourished in the country. This assertion has some grounds because America was a prosperous nation at that time. It was a force to reckon with because of the many exports the country sold to other countries, including the Great Britain. Cotton and tobacco were the major exports by America, which was...

Mongal Military Tactics and organization

Mongol Military Tactics and Organization Since the beginning of time, men banded together for protection and communal life. Consequently, tribes who lived nomadic lives in lands with scarce resources were known to be fierce and mobile on the battlefield. Examples such as the Scythian armies which defeated Alexander the Great, the Arabic soldiers, who led by Mohammed conquered North Africa and the Levant; and the Mongol tribes, a group of tribes living in the Asian steppes who during almost two centuries ruled Eurasia. However, Mongolian tribes, although seen as primitive by the outsiders, had some interesting features that allowed them to succeed in battle and be as efficient as they were....

Roman History

Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Title Date Analysis of Plutarch Parallel Lives Source Critique Parallel Lives are a collection of work by Plutarch is the best known, and include a compilation of biographies of great Roman and Greek figures. Plutarch lived approximately five hundred years after the death of most of the people he penned down their biographies. He had gained access to a number sources, although all these have been lost, and they included Cleitharchus, the Royal Diary, Aristobulus, Ptolemy, Callisthenes, and Onesicritus. Moreover, there were claims that he read different letters by Alexander and other high public officials; however, there was no proof that the...