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Speech or PowerPoint Presentation
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Microbiology and Gonorrhea

Microbiology and Gonorrhea NameInstitute affiliation Microbiology and Gonorrhea Abstract (Summary) Introduction Microbiology and pathogenic nature of gonorrhea Major Scientific Discoveries of gonorrhea treatment Thesis statement The Life Cycle of gonorrhea infection and its transmission Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4 Phase 5 Why gonorrhea quickly become antibiotic resistant? Gonorrhea Treatment Prevention Recommendation Recent advancement in gonorrhea treatment Conclusion Restate the thesis explaining how betterment could be done Prospect of gonorrhea research and its tomorrow’s major advancements Abstract Gonorrhea is a condition of clinical that results from the...

How yoga, meditation and yoga nidra help with PTSD

Name of the Student Professor’s Name Psychology Date Evaluation of the effects of Yoga, Meditation and Yoga-Nidra for management of PTSD For creating a Contract Proposal Background Posttraumatic Stress Disorder refers to an anxiety disorder which may develop in an individual after being exposed to traumatic events. The traumatic events may be assault/combat related which directly affects an individual. However, the individual may witness such assault or combat on others, which may cause PTSD in him or her. Individuals with PTSD experience recurrent flashbacks of the traumatic event, hyper arousal, avoidance of memories, and...

relationship violence

Name Instructor Task Date Relationship Violence and the Effects on Victims Relationship violence refers to the aggressive behavior that typically involves the violent abuse of an intimate partner or spouse. Individuals who have been exposed to relationship violence often experience challenges concerning healing both emotionally and physically from multiple traumas (Edlin, Eric, and Kelli 509). Such traumas may have diverse effects on the body, mind, and spirit. Both men and women experience relationship violence, with the effects manifesting themselves immediately following the abuse, or long after the act has ended. Some of the physical effects of relationship violence include chronic...

Accreditation of health care providers

Accreditation of health care providers in the United States Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Being a privately-owned skilled nursing facility, we provide residential care to clients who need incessant nursing care and who have considerable hardships dealing with the requisite daily activities as defined by either a social worker or a nursing facility provider. Following the present regulations in the nursing industry, as well as government directives, such organizations should be accredited by recognized bodies to ensure patient safety and improve the standards of care (Certification & Compliance - Nursing Homes, 2015). There are two primary recognized bodies that are tasked...

My Health Information Management Clinical Experience

Student Professor Course level Date My Health Information Management Clinical Experience Personal health information management (PHIM) are the activities that promote accessing, integration, organization, and use of their personal health information. Some of the activities in PHIM include monitoring and time to time health assessment, and health-related decision making, planning for intervention or a precautionary measure, and action for the decision settled upon. All the activities for personal health information management are directed towards, better health by combating diseases before they occur or in case they occur with someone being unaware. Personal health information can be used...


Student’s Full Name Professor’s Full Name Course Date Philosophy Rant on Aristotle’s Rhetoric and its Influences Introductory Paragraph Motivate: Wanting to, is not the only way to achieve our goals. To be able to actually convey our thoughts into something greater, to persuade those who hear us is the most important part of a successful speech. If we aim to be successful spokespeople, knowing what Rhetoric is, and how to use it is essential. Body Paragraph Topic #1 Point #1: Pathos Supports: Ethos is a word related to the English word "Ethics" it refers to how trustworthy is the person who is giving the speech, or the person who writes the work. Ethos can be used to persuade since...

Fairfax board education add gender identity transgender to school curriculum (june2015)

Name: Institution: Course: Date: Fairfax board education adds gender identity transgender to school curriculum Fairfax board education was the first school to embrace the issue of ending discrimination on sexual orientation immediate the United States Supreme Court allowed homosexuals marriage in the entire 50 States. The managing board of this school voted to adjust the school curriculum in that it incorporated issues of sexuality and the social aspect of it. Under the new curriculum, the school will introduce the topic to young students at ninth grade whereby they will gain light concepts regarding ways of making proper health decision, diseases caused by sexual intercourse and the entire...

Ronda my hero

Ronda Rousey: My Hero To most people, heroes are uncanny people; individuals with exceptional skills, blessed with talents mortals do not have. To others, heroes are everyday men and women that do not have those mythical qualities that would make them exceptional to the others. That is my case. To me, a hero is someone who shines above others because of their sheer perseverance and power of will. That is why, my hero is the Mixed Martial Arts fighter Ronda Rousey Among her many virtues, the one who makes her a role model is her perseverance. Despite the hardships she lived through her childhood, and her problems to communicate, she managed to become an Olympic athlete and a professional...

The Hidden Cure for Cancer

The Hidden Cure for Cancer. This part contains a brief summary of the topic, and an introduction on Dr. Burzynski's Hidden Cure for Cancer-based on the Burzynski movie is a documentary produced, presented and directed by Eric Merola. It also contains the history of the Hidden Cure for Cancer. On January 1977, Dr. Burzynski was subjected to a court trial in Houston, Texas, over his cancer drug invention by the Texas Medical Board (TMB) on the claims of using an unapproved drug by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Conversely, the U.S. federal government, through the respective federal prosecutors in Houston, spent 14 years actively trying to suppress Dr. Burzynski’s cancer drug treatment. Also,...