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Automotive Electrical / Electronic and Emissions Systems

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Automotive Electrical / Electronic and Emissions Systems

Category: Coursework


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Rationale for Automotive Electronic Emission Systems Curriculum
Rationale for Automotive Electronic Emission Systems Curriculum
The symbiotic relationship in the different technologies used in the automotive industry call for cooperation from the relevant stakeholders. There is a sincere desire for the marriage of the computer technology with other section of the automotive industry such as gasoline fuel ignition and the emission control diagnosis repair for us to yield products which meet the formidable demands of the industry. Therefore, it is the purpose of this paper to present a rationale for developing automotive electrical or emission training program. This will be a demonstration that the trained students can meet the existing and changing demands in this industry identify particular issues which ought to be resolved. Finally, there are suggestions which are made with the aim of improving the existing curriculum such that they include an emphasis on the new emergent technologies.
The role of computer fundamentals in the automotive industry
With emergent technologies being witnessed on a daily basis, the car industry is always among the first sectors to embrace the technologies. Computer-aided design systems once envisioned in the 50’s have powered themselves to perform the pivotal role that they have today in the automotive industry. This has been achieved through continuous improvement which has borne technological breakthrough …

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