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Analysis of Entropy Generation Rate inside the Stack of Standing-wave Thermoacoustic Refrigerator

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Analysis of the Entropy Generation Rate inside a Stack of Standing-wave Thermoacoustic Refrigerator
The authors of the article presented their ideas in the article by analyzing the entropy generation rate especially inside the stack of the standing-wave by the use of a thermoacoustic refrigerator. The authors based their ideas on the law of thermodynamics by the use of the equation of the entropy generation rate near the single-plate. For the authors to attain their objective, they had to analyze the entropy generation rate against the relative position of the stack and the volume porosity. Through this analysis, the authors concluded that the entropy formation is formed because of the shift in the x-y direction of the finite temperature gradients and the irreversibility friction of the fluid.
The presentation of ideas by Xiujuan Xie, Gang Gao, and Qing Li in their article suggests that they were knowledgeable in presenting their knowledge. The authors used various techniques to satisfy their readers and other interested groups in the field of engineering. Different techniques were used by the authors to come up with a convincing conclusion concerning their research topic. For example, Xie et al. (2012) separated their research paper into different sections to present the clarity of their ideas. Also, the authors had to state their main intention in their article, give a short introduction of what to be done to achieve their objecti…

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