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Alli Song Cover letter and CV

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Alli Song Cover letter and CV

Category: Cover Letter

Subcategory: Mathematics

Level: Masters

Pages: 2

Words: 550

Curriculum Vitae
4517390805815Name:Alli Song
Address:Binzallee 23CH-8055 Zürich
Date of birth:March 5, 1981
Marital status:Single
Nationality:United States of America
Swiss residence status:B-permit
Mobile phone:+4179 136 29 69
E-mail:[email protected]
Social Media Profile:https://ch.linkedin.com/pub/alli-song/92/34b/296

Project Coordinator Global BPA & Fin Ops., Novartis Pharma AG., based in Basel, Switzerland.

Exceptionally proficient in managing sensitive time milestones by utmost utilization of administrative and financial management, business development, analysis and implementation skills with ample dedication and exemplary leadership.

My Profile and Work Experience
A dedicated professional having comprehensive achievements in different organizational settings including corporate and venture startup. A highly motivated person having around five years work experience in project management at large in various IT infrastructure-related projects as well as many start-up product developments.A skilled project manager having proven track record of aligning business and technological skills to innovate and leverage the performance of end-to-end processes in various niches. Attained enhanced administrative experience as operational sales manager. Also have strong communication and leadership skills for allocating optimum resources for project executive within the provided timespan.
My Contributions
The hands-on experience of managing project team…

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