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Cover Letter
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covering letter for Law – Legal Industrial Placement

Human Resource Manager 37 Stoney StreetNottinghamNG1 1LS Dear Sir/Madam, RE: APPLICATION FOR LEGAL INDUSTRIAL PLACEMENT I am an international Law student in my last year at Nottingham Trent University; having obtained a Low 1st.I am writing to express interest in your offer to be part of your paralegal team. I hope to create and progress in my career while providing the best of my abilities in your esteemed firm. I have created and built up necessary experience in law while working in eastern Libya, at one of the largest detention camps in the country. It was at this place that I conducted my research on human rights and the constitutional rights of the people in the detention centers. I have...

Discuss your race story as a product of social structure.

Name of Student Name of supervisor Subject Code 22 June 2015 Discuss your race story as a product of social structure We often blame humanity for the exploitation around the world due to racism but its first source can be found in very Old Testament when people were building a tower to reach God and out of fear he created variety of language to dodge the construction permanently as different language obstructed communication and interaction. Thus, it can be said that language is the first discriminating factor that human beings experienced. In this essay, several concepts and discourses will be contextualized to explain my own race, how I have lived with it and my experience for belonging to...

Impression Management- Being a fake

Impression Management Name: Institution: Course: Date due: Impression management can be described as the effort through which one is able to influence or control other people’s perceptions. Many people try being fake through impression management since it is through impression management that they get to give others the wrong impression of them thus making it difficult for the people to know the real them (Bromley, 1993). The most driving force that leads to impression management is fear. For example, in most cases people do not turn out to be what others expect them to be. As a result, that causes them to manage their impression since they are afraid of disappointing the others. In most...

Alli Song Cover letter and CV

Curriculum Vitae 4517390805815Name:Alli Song Address:Binzallee 23CH-8055 Zürich Date of birth:March 5, 1981 Marital status:Single Nationality:United States of America Swiss residence status:B-permit Mobile phone:+4179 136 29 69 E-mail:[email protected] Social Media Profile: Project Coordinator Global BPA & Fin Ops., Novartis Pharma AG., based in Basel, Switzerland. Exceptionally proficient in managing sensitive time milestones by utmost utilization of administrative and financial management, business development, analysis and implementation skills with ample dedication and exemplary leadership. My Profile and Work...


Immigration Introduction Immigration is a part of human nature to get better living prospects in other countries. However, it has massive impacts on different aspects including cultural, economical, and most importantly, social strata of a nation. Surely, the influx of a huge amount of potential immigrants provides a more problematic outlook for the local as well as national government to maintain the quality of life within the region. It also brings about different menace including terrorism and economic imbalance within society. This essay will provide an insight into arguments related to the detrimental impacts of immigrant inflow within the United States under the light of current illegal...

discipline of anthropology

Student name Professor Course Date The Essence of Anthropology Since evolution, man has made some major leaps from the primitive man to the tech-dependent generation man is today. The study of how man has evolved over the years is Anthropology. The study helps evaluate and appreciate the progress man has made since the Stone Age. Anthropology covers the difference in culture, the human society, the physical differences, and the linguistic achievement of man. Anthropology is important because it helps students improve the knowledge base on the different cultures thus widens students' perspectives. Anthropology covers various issues that are subject to discussion in the global society. Some of...

Mary Rowlandson(A narrative of the Captivity and Restoration) and Anne Bradstreet(To my Dear Children)

Author’s NameLecturer Course Title Due Date American Literature Creativity and imagination have surrounded the existence of man for ages. Expression of various forms of talents takes different forms. These include literature, arts, and sports activities. Pieces of Literature especially has shown tremendous growth in the history of man. Critics have evaluated and assessed the various form of literature from different perspectives. Most significantly is the American literature; scholars have aired different views about the styles employed by American artists in their literary work. It is worth noting that the American literature displays a circular pattern. The pattern denotes variations in...

Comaprison between two articles read them carefully

BAYT-AL HIKMA Name Institute Date Comparison of articles on Bayt al-Hikma Bayt al-Hikma, which translates literally to the “House of Wisdom”, was a vast library and research institute which helped in the scientific and technological advancement of the Muslim world. It was an important part of the translation movement, wherein the scientific studies and researches of the world, mainly from countries like Persia, India, Greece and so on were translated into Arabic and thus acquainted with the Muslim world. This article compares two articles detailing the importance of Bayt al-Hikma, and expounds on how the two have shed their own light onto the Institute. In their article The...


Poem Analysis: “Invictus” by William Ernest Henley QUESTIONS Why is the narrator thankful for his "unconquerable soul?" “Out of the night that covers me, / Black as the pit from pole to pole, / I thank whatever gods may be / For my unconquerable soul.” (Henley 1). In this first stanza, Henley speaks about the death, and how he thanks whatever force there is in the world for giving him enough strength to be able to withstand the evils he has experienced in his life. He is thankful because, despite the circumstances surrounding his life, he has always been able to emerge victorious and unconquerable. In the second stanza, the poet writes about "circumstance" and...