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Criminal Justice: Crime Prevation

Name Professor Course Date Criminal Justice: Crime Prevention Question 1: The number n of incidents of family violence requiring police response appears to be related to d, the money spent on crisis intervention, by the equation: n = 430 - 0.005d. What expenditure would reduce the number of incidents to 350? Solution n, represents the number of incidences that needs response from the police d, is the expenditure on crisis intervention We know that: n = 430 - 0.005d Therefore: Number of incidences n =350 Hence: 350=430-0.005d (Simmons 28) Rearranging values: 350-350+0.005d=430-350-0.005d+0.005d (Larson and Anne 35). 0.005d=800.005d0.005=800.005 (Leff 56)....

Flock Behaviour revised

Student’s name Instructor’s name Course Date Numb3rs: Season 2, Episode 8: Flock Behavior The CBS series, Numb3rs produced by Ridley Scott and Tony Scott describes Charlie’s pathological behavior and sophisticated relationships with his brother, FBI Special Agent Don Eppes, and his father, Alan Eppes (The Editors of Encyclopedia Britannica). He works for the FBI as his brother’s partner and uses his mathematical skills to assist him in solving criminal cases. According to Pasta26mc, the activities described in the series are based on the mathematical concepts used in solving FBI criminal cases. Also, the film depicts Charlie's mathematical formulas as critical to unlocking and solving...

How can maths be used in code cracking and how does the methodology differ?

Name: Professor: Subject: Date: USE OF MATHEMATICS IN CODE BREAKING INTRODUCTION Human beings have always needed for secret communications through public channels. The message has to be transformed to form that cannot be read to facilitate secret communication. The message that is unreadable is called a coded message. In technical terms, the original message is the called the plaintext while the unreadable message is called the ciphertext. The conversion of plaintext to ciphertext is called encryption while the conversion of ciphertext to plain text is called decryption. The process of encryption and decryption is called cryptography. The process of cryptography involves coming up with a...


Name Tutor Course Date of submission Question 1 The model is: - gt=Aekt (t≥0)Finding A and K constants 42=Ae3k ………….i 1195=Ae10k………ii Making A subject of the formulae we have: - A=42e3kReplacing the A in equation ii 1195=42e3ke1OK1195 = 42e7K 28.4524=e7k ln28.4524=7kK =ln⁡(28.4524)7K = 0.478 From the value of k we can calculate A A = 42e3*0.478A =10.011 Increase after every 2 years Model = 10.011e0.478tPopulation increase after 2 years is: - 10.011e0.478*2 = 26.041 Increase = 26.041Question 2 -3x2-6x+9≥0 x2+2x-3≥0(x-1)(x+3) 1819274104775088582412382500123825112585500123824621030104775135255-∞ -3...


Quiz 1 Name Institution Course Instructor Date (i) Consider a graph of shown below. Find the slope and equation of the line joining A and B. Let A (1,-10) be (x1,y1) and B(-2,17) be (x2,y2). Slope is give by change in y/ change in x Thus in this case, it will be (y1-y2)/(x1-x2) = (-10-17)/ (1-(-2)) =-27/3 =-9 Equation of the line joining A and B Take any point in the line AB to be (x, y) and (1,-10) Then Slope remain the same thus, -9=(y+10)/(x-1) -9x+9=y+10 Thus y=-9x-1 Find the slope and equation of the line joining A and C. Let A (1,-10) be (x1,y1) and C(0,1) be (x2,y2). To find the slope= (y1-y2)/ (x1-x2) = (-10-1)/(1-0) = -11 Equation of the line AC will...

Running 70m Curve versus Straight.

Does Running 70m on a Curve Take Longer than Running the same distance on a Straight Track? Learners Name Institutional Affiliation Contents TOC o "1-3" h z u Introduction PAGEREF _Toc503019400 h 3Method of Data Collection PAGEREF _Toc503019401 h 3Presentation of Data PAGEREF _Toc503019402 h 4Table 1 PAGEREF _Toc503019403 h 4Figure 1 PAGEREF _Toc503019404 h 5Figure 2 PAGEREF _Toc503019405 h 6Figure 3 PAGEREF _Toc503019406 h 7Data analysis PAGEREF _Toc503019407 h 7Table 2 PAGEREF _Toc503019408 h 7Discussion PAGEREF _Toc503019409 h 8Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc503019410 h 8References PAGEREF _Toc503019411 h 9 Does Running 70m on a Curve Take Longer than Running the same distance on a Straight...

Sampling distribution

Sampling Distribution Name: Institution: Chapter 9 Question 9.7 This is probability distribution of means that is obtained from a specific selected random samples of size, n from a particular population Question 9.8 • Population mean is equal to sample mean • The shape of the curve is normal • The standard deviation divided by the sample size n is equal to the standard errors of the population. Question 9.9 a) True b) True c) False d) True e) True f) False Question 9.13 a) Standard error= SD/(√Sample Size SD=1*√36 =standard deviation is 6 b) 2= sd/√36 Standard deviation= 12 c) 5=SD/√36 =6*5 =5*6 Standard...

Dimension: Knowledge, skills, disposition, impact on student learning

Dimension: Disposition Name of the Student Course Instructor’s name Date The investigation of dispositions in instructor arrangement is basic for two reasons. In the first place, the mien to instruct is ordinarily recognized as the essential nature of effective instructors. Secondly, tending to manners in instructor readiness programs is required at state and national levels as a component of the accreditation process. Teaching includes more than viable arranging, instructional learning, and educating abilities. It likewise reaches out to expert airs. Depositions are like proficient convictions or qualities frameworks, yet they are more than the above mentioned. Auras reach out to proficient...

Harmonic Functions in Complex Analysis

Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Harmonic Functions If Ω denotes a set that is open in Ɍ3, then the real valued function u x, y, z on Ω characterized by a continuous second partials is declared harmonic if, and only if the Laplace ∆u=0 is identical on Ω. This is when the Laplace u is shown as ∆u= ∂2u ∂x2+ ∂2u∂y2+ ∂2u∂z2In the case of an open set Ω in Ɍ3, then a similar definition can be made. u will therefore, be harmonic only if; ∆u= ∂2u ∂x2+ ∂2u∂y2=0 on Ω. The following are basic examples of harmonic functions; u= x2+ y2- 2z2, Ω = Ɍ3u= 1r Ω = Ɍ3- (0, 0, 0) where r= x2+ y2+z2 . More to this, considering Ω, an open set in Ɍ3, the real...