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you are manning a spaceship to another planet far away. what will you encounter?describe your space exploration.

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Space Exploration
To doubters and those ignorant of what space exploration entails, it is the continual breakthrough and expedition of celestial strudel in the outer space through constant space technological evolution and growth.
Having been given the mandate to man a spaceship with four other colleagues to another planet, it is prudent to give a description of things I will encounter and the general space exploration.
The first encounter will be the drag forces that make the equivalent to the speed of the air thereby being a hazard since the rocket uses much fuel to move above the atmosphere as the speed has been taken away.
Traveling to space means that I will not feel the same weight all the time as the weight decreases as I coast to space until I become weightless. The heavier weight on the ground at the launch into space stems from the strong acceleration of the spacecraft. I will once again feel weight the moment I land into the outer planet’s atmosphere as the spacecraft slows down due to drag forces.
During the space exploration, I will carry enough long-life, ready-made, and highly nutritious food to take me for the whole trip. Since, I keep fit due to my sporting nature, I will spend time training the muscles daily to keep them in shape and ready to support my weight once I safely land on Earth. I will gain about three centimeters in height because my spine is relaxing as a result of weightlessness. My bones will be britt…

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