Controversial Essay

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Controversial Essay
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International development

Name Instructor Course Date International development The period between the 1940’s to the 1970’s saw the unlocking of numerous development puzzles in various parts of the world as a result of colonization. This was also the post WWII period that saw the rise of the nations that had been affected by the war to develop their infrastructure and property that had been destroyed by the war. Colonization contributed a great deal to development during this period because of division of labor. For a long time, now, most people have only focused on the negative side of colonialism mainly because of the suffering that the countries that were colonized faced. However, there was also a positive side...

Describe how nursing organizations influence lobbying

LOBBYING Name of Student Name of Instructor Subject Code and Title Date of Submission What is lobbying? Describe how nursing organizations influence lobbying. What has been your experience with political action? How would you like to increase your political activities? The process of lobbying is noted as the process by which individuals or organizations work towards attempting to affect the overall decision of the government. The status of the organizations or the individuals in the society affects what particular aspects of social development they can influence through lobbying. For instance, nursing organizations are in full control of the way they affect health care systems that exist...

Texas Environmental Policies

Name Instructor Course Date Texas Environmental Policies Introduction The environment is among the natural resources that a community and individuals should take care of since the well-being of such reflects on other areas like the air and water. Every local administration of a state should put measures in place to protect and help preserve the environment. Policies and regulations act as a guideline on how the citizens will treat the environment in which they live in(McGarity 1783). Texas has many natural resources and if maintained well and used in moderation would last long. The...

What do the witches represent in Shakespeare’s Macbeth?

Student’s Name Professor’s Name Subject Date of Submission What do the witches represent in Shakespeare's Macbeth? An interesting discussion in Shakespeare's play was the role played by the witches in the events that developed. Modern society at those time regarded witches together with their craft as the abnormal force that contradicted religion and the religious setting that bled into the political framework. This play represents the essential question of myth: Does humanity regulate or have responsibility for his destiny? Shakespeare uses various supernatural features in Macbeth compared to other play he has ever written. In Shakespeare's Macbeth, the three witches, sometimes referred...

what aspires you to be a leader of tomorrow for distribution

Name Professor Course Date My Aspiration of Being a Leader of Tomorrow for Distribution My aspiration to be a leader of tomorrow for distribution is the intense desire that I have to unlock the potential of the young leaders by making them become exposed to the real life and existing challenges that are attuned to their leadership competencies. The primary focus making me have the aspiration of being a leader of tomorrow for distribution is chiefly tailored towards providing the young leaders with hope and motivation. The hope and motivation are vested upon instilling great faith and firm belief in the young leaders that whatever goals they may have set to achieve in their leadership and respective...

The city versus wilderness conflict/ sir Gawain and the green knight

Name: Institution: Course: Date due: City and Wilderness The poem, Sir Gawain and The Green Knight, has been translated by W. A. Neilson. It is a poem that is based on a conflict that exists due to values of the law and morality as well. The world has become a fallen place thus the people that are in the world are challenged with the aim of promoting spirituality to them (Gawain-Poet, Tolkien and Tolkien 24). The essay, therefore, seeks to identify some of the symbols that have been used in this poem to bring out a better understanding of the poem. The wilderness conflict is that between the people that are living in the world and the spiritual beings. The worldly beings do not have values,...

Domestic and Hospitality Determinations

Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date Domestic and Hospitality Determinations The hospitality industry broadly refers to a range of fields within the service industry such as restaurant services, lodging, event planning, as well as the tourism sector. People working in these fields are recognized as workers within the hospitality industry and protected by laws, both local and international (Bharwani and Neetu 150). The domestic workers industry, on the other hand, refers to a range of jobs and workers that work in personal homes. Jobs that lie within the domestic worker range include, cleaning, caring for children, caring for the elderly as well as cooking. Other outdoor services,...

A-List the 4 Tetrarchic capitals

A-List the 4 Tetrarchic capitals. The Four Tetrarchic Capitals Were: Nicomedia Sirmium Mediolanum Augusta Treverorum B. The Four Tetrarchs and Their Capitals. Nicomedia was the capital of Diocletian Sirmium was the capital of Galerius, Mediolanum was the capital of Maximian, Augusta Treverorum was the capital of Constantius Chlorus 2. A. Why the Goths Were Angry At the Romans. The Goths were angry at the Romans because the Valens pitched at Goth's camp, built palisades in preparation for Emperor Gratian to arrive with the Gallic army. Moreover, ambassadors from the Goth asked for a truce but they were sent away by the Romans. B. What happened to Valens? Two-thirds of the Valens army were killed by...

the new deal and the great depression

The new deal and the great depression Student’s name Institution affiliations The topic of the new deal and the greatest depression is a history that covers the roaring 20s when there was a great depression that affected the stock market of the United States and the effect even extending globally. There was a severe blow on the economy that had a long term effect, business collapsed while salaries and demand of goods decreased thus leading to decrease in value of money....