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Working the line

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Working the line

Category: Essay

Subcategory: Classic English Literature

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Working the Line
David Taylor is an artist who has been doing photography along the United States and Mexico border. He has kept several pictures of his work. While doing his work, Taylor has used several compositional elements in his photos. These elements are the factors or rather characteristics that make a picture. They are distributed among his photos. The first element used is depth. This in simple words is the distance from the observer separated in background, foreground and some options middle ground. This creates attraction of the viewer, and he or she finds the image compelling to look at. A good example is the picture of the fence along the border. That particular photo clearly shows that the artist was at a far distance from the fence itself. The photo also shows the fence from the United States side and also the Mexican side.
Another element is shown in this photos form. There are some photos that show the 3-D length. Colour is another composition element that is clearly shown by almost all the photos taken by David Tylor. There is a photo showing the detention hall that is purely white. Light is also another type of composition element that has been used. David Tylor in most of his photos chooses to use natural light that creates a certain mood in the photo and brings several key elements within the frame. The moment has also been used. This where Tylor highlights several things within the frame of a photo to try and emphasize something about it. For example when he shoots a photo of drugs and a patrol officer passing by he tries to emphasize the work of the officers concerning the drugs that pass through the border.
The composition is another element that Tylor has used, this where a picture has certain important elements in the foreground then the background has other different images and the frame. The use of such element brings a certain arrangement that is a 3-D element. David Tylor has also used an element called line in his work. This is where a real photo of a wall and an opening is connected to another image that has a certain line crossing it. Another element shown in David’s photos is tone. This is the degree of light and darkness in one photo. There is graffiti like a photo that has darkness on the background and light in the form of a circle.
Rhetorical dimensions are communication theories that ease communication process was making it understandable and clear. In other words, it is when one is capable of understanding the meaning of a particular image. It involves the obvious elements of an Image like shading, coloring and object placement. An image’s rhetoric dimensions shows sensory expressions of the meaning of culture and does not emphasize aesthetic consideration. Matters considering rhetoric dimension have been studied in various fields like linguistics, semiotics, speech communication and art history.
This makes it hard to know the true relationship between several field parts of rhetoric dimensions. Rhetoric dimensions are related to rhetorical theory in a more inclusive and comprehensive way on matters concerning images and how they are interpreted. Things like the topology of a certain photo can be termed as its dimension. This is mostly how the photo looks like literally. Some of the photos taken by David Tylor have the thing like mountains behind them, but they are in a very far distance from where the photo is being shot. Taylor’s attractive images explain how deep and complex people and politics of this terrain are. They are so visually and formally attractive that the images transcend genre ultimately.
Rhetorical dimensions are material objects and have become important in recent technological developments for understanding various communicative means. David Tylor in his work has used various communicating elements like medium, form, size colors which he has chosen in purpose. Sometimes it is difficult to come up with these rhetorical dimensions, and for artists to conceptualize their photos, they must come up with the following characteristics: they must involve human intervention, must be presented to the audience to ease communication and finally must be symbolic. Here rhetorical dimensions are found in every area in culture as well as in even science. Rhetoric dimensions form some boundaries, and upon the introduction of the elements, all inclusive picture is visible.
The various elements used by David Tylor in his photos tend to generate some larger meaning for the audience looking at this photos. Light, for example, creates a certain mood and connection of the viewer since it gives highlights and shadows in the photo thus creating texture and depth of the photo. This makes a photo more dramatic and attractive. Colour is another element that draws the viewers’ attention by creating a certain mood and touches him or her on an emotional level. Colour is a very key element since it makes a photo feel sad, gloomy, exiting and mysterious. A good example is the photo of the detention cell. We all know that a cell is not a very good place to be, but the white color gives the photo a certain aspect of peace. The dark blue sky in the photo of the new river gives viewers a tranquil feeling that is needed.
A moment is an element in the photos of David. This is a situation where the viewer is carried away by a certain thing that is happening in the photo. This might be people and also certain feature that tend to have a certain pause. A good example is the photo of soldiers I a desert as a place carrying heavy loads and they seem to be a serious mood like an attack. The trophy belts and novels are another photos that captures the attention of its viewer, and one tend to look at it to see the pistol like the belt that is surrounded by bullets.
The composition is another element that focuses mostly on what is composed in a certain photo. This is always several attractive things in a single image. In David’s work, there is a certain photo named break area. This image has several things like a blender, a microwave, and some shelves with printed documents in them. Another photo that shows composition is that of the camera room where there are several screens all over, a landline phone, very attractive chairs and desks and also somebody working on a computer. The distance is another element that affect the feeling and the overall impact the photo has. It will also determine the photo length needed so as to get everything needed to be in that particular photo. When some images are shot closer to the subject, they bring a feeling to the viewer that it seems like he or she was there and this brings a certain attraction of the viewer to the image.
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Working the line by David Tylor

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