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What role does social media play in the perception we have on athletes

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The Role Social Media Plays in the Perception we Have on Athletes
Social sites platforms play a very important role in the perception we do have on athletes. This is because it helps to spread cognitive dissonance by connecting the athletes with ordinary citizens in the different types of social media groups. Social media is composed of more than half the world population who use the different sites in the social media. The most popular sites of socialization are Facebook, Twitter, Tagged, and many more other sites. Therefore, this paper shall generate significant insight into the role of social media in influencing our perception to athletes. The use of social media by athletes can have both positive impacts on the athletes or produce negative implications. Therefore, athletes should be careful about what they post on social media, the friends that they interact with and the comments that they make in other people’s posts (Snyder et al.). The objectives of this paper are to identify the use of athlete endorsement within the business to enhance a product through the application of social media. On the same note, the paper shall make us understand the current literature on the application of social sites and how it changes our perception to both the local athletes and international athletes.
The role of Social Media in Influencing Our Perception on Athletes
Social media plays crucial roles on how we do perceive at…

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