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what needs to be done to improve our world?

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What needs to be done to improve our world?
Poverty is a major concern in our world today. It has the most effect on the third world countries. There are always cases of starvations and malnutrition, which are mostly due to poverty and lack of balanced diet or even access to food. But there can be a drastic reduction of poverty globally. This is by taking a few measures, which include identifying those who are majorly affected, then creating programs that will bring an ultimate solution to creating of water sources for irrigations, farming, animals and home use. This will provide food security, and while at it create employment for the people. There should also be the provision for the other basic human needs, shelter, and clothing.
Avoiding wars would be a great move towards achieving world peace. It is estimated that there have been deaths of over 200 million people in the past century. The level of these wars did not reduce despite the end of the world war. The UN is one of the organizations used for these war prevention. The Security Council is given the mandate to oversee relationships between countries and also within countries. But by establishing a certain kind of organization that helps come up with an ultimate solution on matters that create unnecessary tensions amongst countries or regions, wars can be greatly avoided. And by also creating good relationship ties amongst eac…

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