Compare and Contrast Essay

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Compare and Contrast Essay
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Increasing Sustainability in the Organization’s Supply Chain

Name Teacher’s name Course Date The title of your Article (always use title capitalization)-don't bold. Supply chain management refers to the streamlining of the supply side of the business to build on its competitive advantage and maximize the value to consumers. The primary focus of this paper is to see whether the General Motors and the products it offers are sustainable, suggest an approach to increase sustainability in the organization using the 10 step method, and come up with a detailed implementation of the 10 step method to GMC thus help in maximizing the value to the organization. General Motors primarily deals with the sale and distribution of motor vehicles to the consumers...

The Globalization Project

Name Instructor Course Date The Globalization Project 1.The WTO was established in 1995 with the aim of bringing down the trade barriers existing among different nations in the world. The WTO is currently among the most secretive and the most powerful international bodies. Since its establishment the organization has rapidly assumed the role of a global government, bringing together 134 countries for the world and under its powers and authority. The Globalization Project is the ideological rationalization of the setting out of neo-liberal policies for the privilege of corporate rights. It involves the free growth or less restriction in the trading of technology, goods, services and capital....

Greek Political Thought

Coursework: Greek Political Thought PART ONE: PLATO’S “LAWS." 1. The Athenian did not want a city too close to the sea. Explain how this relates to: A. His economic views about trade and wealth. B. His view of the navy, including its potential dangers to citizen In Laws IV, Plato, using his trademark dialogues, states that although the city is close to the city it is far enough for its citizens to feel at ease and well-provided. Also, the eighty stadia provide the city with adequate protection and space for it not to depend exclusively on trade. However, such things are not of great abundance, and since the city does not provide it all, some trade is needed. Concerning the navy,...

European States

Name Instructor’s name Course Date European States 1A) Harold Godwinson Herald Hardrada, .William Duke 1B) . William Duke 2A) The court of lord king has the mandate to oversee all the challenges that affected the churches especially controversies and church presentations by initiating appropriate measures at its initial stages. 2B) The lord king decides on who and when to leave the kingdom. His permission is only granted when the safety of the king and the kingdom was confirmed to be safe. 3) The Assize of Clarendon, the 1166 act for Henry II of England and was purposely meant to bring about the transformation of the England laws. The laws that were supposed to be transformed...

role model

Student’s Name: Instructor’s Name: Class Name: Date Due: My mother is my role model and she is the most inspiring person I have ever known. She has no idea how motivating she is which makes her so special. My mother leads the whole family and guards my siblings with just being herself, she shows us what she values most leading by example, providing food at the table and ensuring we live with a roof on our heads. She encourages us to never give up in life and to study hard. She never makes rude comments or discourage anyone and she always encourage us to be like so treating everyone we meet with respect. Her teaching is that people should be proud of who they really are and make smart decisions...

what needs to be done to improve our world?

Student's name Lecturer's name Course number Date What needs to be done to improve our world? Poverty is a major concern in our world today. It has the most effect on the third world countries. There are always cases of starvations and malnutrition, which are mostly due to poverty and lack of balanced diet or even access to food. But there can be a drastic reduction of poverty globally. This is by taking a few measures, which include identifying those who are majorly affected, then creating programs that will bring an ultimate solution to creating of water sources for irrigations, farming, animals and home use. This will provide food security, and while at it...

Citing specific evidence from Machiavelli’s The Prince (not from the textbook), identify, and briefly explain, the qualities of the ideal political leader.

Name: Course: Instructor: Date: The Qualities of the Ideal Political Leader The society today has advanced in several aspects in comparison with the ancient days. However, politics has always played vital roles in revealing ideal leaders with qualities that stand the test of time as evident from the provisions that Machiavelli put forth. According to Machiavelli, an ideal political leader must bear qualities that help in upholding control. For instance, he identifies that an ideal political leader should be the one who is conscious about military knowledge, parsimony, and liberality. Among the qualities that Machiavelli has discovered, military knowledge is of immense importance. This is...

Anti-gun control

Anti-gun control Name Professor’s name Course Date The recent mass shooting in the United States clearly depicts the trend of gun violence in our society. The current study shows that in every 100 people living in the United States, 88 of the people own guns (Cothran, 2003). With a variety of weapons and minimal control on who can own the weapon, there is simply no realistic method to keep these guns from falling into the hands of the violent criminals. The paper explains reasons for the anti-gun control. Gun should not be controlled because everyone has a right o defend one's life from criminal attack. The right to life is fundamental. Although police and military are the ones assigned to...

Thalia is a Mexican songstress

Thalia is a Mexican songstress, soap star as well as the wife to Tommy Mottola. The two market Macy’s brands. Her leopard jam suit appears to be the next hot item in town. Thalia makes the jam suit appear modern. It is cougar-is and it looks a bit familiar. The jam suit shows some kind of wildness as well as it looks sexy. By teaming up with Macy on the fashionable Thalia Sodi Collection that is conducted severally in a year, she brings up her effusive personality as well as her sultry Latina style. That launch will take place on week one of February. Just outside the launch, some of Macy’s stores will be selling their selection that contains over 200 stock keeping units. Jeffrey Gennette, the...