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What is agrarianism? Use given material. Your thoughts on agrarianism.

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What is agrarianism? Use given material. Your thoughts on agrarianism.

Category: Capstone Project

Subcategory: Philosophy

Level: Academic

Pages: 7

Words: 1925

Berry indicates that the competition between industrialism and agrarianism is currently the definition not only of the most basic difference in humanity as it concerns the division of two almost contradictory perceptions of agriculture and the use of land as but also of two almost contradictory techniques through which humans understand themselves and other creatures. Technological advancements are responsible for industrialism. On the other hand, agrarianism starts with what is already on the planet: land, plants, creatures, the climate, starvation, and an understanding of the concept of agriculture. Industrialists are willing to overlook, put up for sale, or destroy the past in an attempted to earn higher profits and in the process become more comfortable and happy in the years to come. Agrarians, however, appreciate the fact that their identity is determined by their ability to receive thankfully and pass down the inheritance in a way that is both intact and response. They understand the need to take good care of the things that occur naturally and those they are not able to make.
Through the effectiveness of standard means such as folk tradition, agrarians have managed to pass down an agrarian theme from the ancient times to the current period. Such individuals, according to Berry, can be learnt about in books. They are neither in possession or need of massive areas of land, and the amount of land under their occupation i…

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