Capstone Project

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Capstone Project
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Memory as the neurological process

Memory is defined as the neurological process of retrieval of the learned response. Learning may occur through consciousness or unconsciousness. The former is called explicit memory, while the later is known as implicit memory. On the basis of remembrance, memory is classified as short term memory or long term memory. In the former situation, a person can retrieve information within a short span of time, after which the remembrance of such learning is lost. In the case of long-term memory, an individual can recollect things from the past, over longer durations of time. Both types of memory exist in human beings, however in the case of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease such memories tend to...

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Impact of Social Media and Social Networking Sites on the Civic Society Name of the Student Professor’s Name Course Impact of Social Media and Social Networking Sites on the Civic Society Background The 21st century is witnessing radical changes in communication approaches. The role of information technology cannot be undermined as the stimulating factor for such approaches. Technology has linked individuals across global and demographic boundaries to interact with one another. Moreover, technology has created the opportunity to express one's freedom of speech in the mass media. The rapid spread of such opinions through the various social media websites and blogs has taken...

What is agrarianism? Use given material. Your thoughts on agrarianism.

Agrarianism Name: Institution: Introduction Berry indicates that the competition between industrialism and agrarianism is currently the definition not only of the most basic difference in humanity as it concerns the division of two almost contradictory perceptions of agriculture and the use of land as but also of two almost contradictory techniques through which humans understand themselves and other creatures. Technological advancements are responsible for industrialism. On the other hand, agrarianism starts with what is already on the planet: land, plants, creatures, the climate, starvation, and an understanding of the concept of agriculture. Industrialists are willing to overlook, put up for...

Body Machanics

Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Body mechanics Gait abnormality refers to deformity from the normal walking while Joint pain is the condition that can be instigated by disease or injury of the joint or the tissues different tissues adjacent to the joint(Cailliet, Rene,38). Walking in water also referred to as water aerobics and engaging in cycling would both be appropriate because they are both forms of low impact workouts or exercises which can provide adequate support to his joints and let his muscles contract and strengthen as joints are sustained. This is factual in the water where the aquatic environment supports all of the submerged body as well as motionless cycling whereby...

Doctor patient relationships

Name: Institution: Course: Date due: Doctor Patient Relationship When doctors are communicating with their patients, it is very important for them to ensure that they are honest. Honesty is very important since it ensures that trust is fostered between them, and it also ensures that the patients feel that the doctors respect them. Patients have great trust in their doctors thus lying to them would be very disrespectful to them, and it could also affect the patients in a great way since they tend to feel that their trust was misplaced. However, there are a number of occasions where the doctors have to lie to their patients regarding their prognosis or even diagnosis. The paper, therefore, aims at...

discuss methods to evaluate the effectiveness of your proposed solution and variables to be assessed when evaluating project outcomes.

Evaluation of Sacral Mepilex Effectiveness as the Solution to Pressure Ulcer Institution Name Introduction Research has been done across the globe to rescue patients in medical facilities from the rate of death emanating from pressure ulcer where an approximate of 10, 000 people lose their life every year. Such a practice involves physicians and other medical civilians where they have concluded that the application of sacral mepilex is sufficient to reduce and prevent the endurance of the disease. Information indicates that the disease establishes extreme sophistication to the admitted patients in hospitals where they end up losing life (Sitzia & Wood, 1997). Evidently, implementation of...

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) integration to nursing staff

Title Name Institution Date Electronic Medical Record (EMR) integration to nursing staff The information technology age ensures that every aspect of life conforms to the IT arena. The nursing profession must radically transform to meet the evolving expectations through adoption of EMR. One of the most pertinent factors toward implementation of the EMR is communication. Implementation of EMR is a big decision that not only impacts on nursing business but the staff. Not every staff will have the confidence in mastering the EMR technology. Therefore, through research, it is established that helping the staff understand the value and urge nature of transitions forms itself as appropriate...

summarize your strategy for disseminating the results of the project to key stakeholders and to the greater nursing community.

Strategy for Disseminating the ResultsName Course Institution Strategy for Disseminating the Results The reduction and prevention of pressure ulcer through sacral mepilex application in the medical facility will invite both the stakeholder and the professions in order to manipulate its efficiency engaging maximum patient satisfaction. The concept will involve a strategic approach to ensure that necessary information on the mechanisms is circulated among the stakeholders and the nursing community. In the first place, the stakeholders should be engaged in a meeting. The procedure of running the system will be disclosed for every member to understand his or her contribution to its incorporation...


Literature Review Simulation and Tracheostomy Care Name of the Student Professor’s Name Literature Review Simulation and Tracheostomy Care Tracheostomy and tracheal suctioning are important and high-risk procedures, which are administered to patients presenting with emergency conditions. However, it is often found that nurses, whether they are experienced or novice, are unable to adhere to evidenced based guidelines for tracheostomy care. Such deviations are due to improper knowledge and also due to overestimation of self-competence of experienced nurses. These patients are not only confined to emergency departments, but tracheostomy care may be needed in general nursing units also...