Statistics Project

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Statistics Project
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Circle the BEST answer. 1. An example of a quantitative variable is the horsepower of a car. -190500104140True 00True False -190500206375True 00True 2. An example of a qualitative variable is the make of a car.     False -171450153670 True 00 True 3. In an observational study, the variable of interest is called a response variable.True     False 609600256539False aaFalse 00False aaFalse4. In an experimental study, the aim is to manipulate or set the value of the response variable.True     False 5. Which of the following is NOT a qualitative variable?A. The make of a TVB. A person's...

Music Analysis On Social Issue Of Drugs

Music Analysis On Social Issue Of Drugs Author’s Name Institutional Affiliation Lecturer Due Date American popular culture has been propagated by the use of music and songs. Media plays a vital role in enhancing the messages of such especially those that projects the social issues that entrench in our contemporary societies today. Music lyrics has addresses the social issues in America. The drug is one of primary issue that music has been projected through the social media. Some of the songs that will get analyzed in this essay include, Feel Good Hit of the Summer; I’m Waiting for the Man, Junkhead, Sugar Man, and Toy Soldiers. The list vividly shows how to some extent music can help...

What does “Sorrow Acre” teach us about moral choice, normative ethics, and how we ought to live? In other words, what does the story teach us about right action AND the nature of a good life?

Name Professor’s Name Course Date Sorrow-Acre Teachings on Ethics Sorrow-Acre happens in a world dissimilar from that of its envisioned viewers. Nonetheless, it is intended to have teachings for them on how they ought to live. The scene takes place in the backwater of Europe that is Denmark, in the late 18th century, a little time prior to the French and American revolts were to cause alterations in the surrounding of expert witness in the Western sphere and create some of the principles by which the actors in the story live stuff of the previous. The tale is inscribed from the up-to-date stance, conversely, and our standards and morals that are just building their path into the background...

Recommendation Letter Revised

Name Instructor Course Date Recommendation Letter (Sender’s name e.g. Prof Chris Donald) (Institution) (Street address) (City, Zip code) (Date) (Name of the recipient e.g. The Registrar Academic Affairs) (Institution e.g. Harvard University) (Street Address) (City, Zip code) Dear sir/madam It is my pleasure to write a recommendation letter for one of my students. In the year 2012 when I was a lecturer at the Institute for Foreign Policy and Strategic Studies, Faculty of International Politics and Diplomacy Studies, I noticed one of my students Mr. Le for his extraordinary behavior. I met the named gentleman in the class of Vietnamese Foreign Relations in the year 2012. Again in the...

Erickson’s theory revised

Name: Course: Title: Date: Erickson's Psychosocial Development Stages Erickson's psychosocial theory looks closely at the impact of external factors that a person has to go through from childhood to adulthood. According to the theory, every person has eight stages that they must go through over their entire life cycle. These stages are discussed below. Basic Trust vs. Mistrust. This stage is mostly observed during infancy between 18 months and 2 years. When a baby is very well taken care of by the parents, the baby will grow with a lot of trust, confidence and will also feel very secure. If the care lacks, however, in the baby's early years, they may develop general mistrust to the world and...

Effective communication skills

Effective Communication Skills Name of Student Name of Professor Introduction It is a fact that communication is present all the time in everything we do. Whether we are at work or at home, we speak to each other to convey certain ideas or thoughts. But we must remember that business success depends entirely on effective communication skills of each and every member of the business unit. Hence employers of the modern world are giving much importance to communication ability of the managers or the unit heads as well as all those who work under them. Key elements of effective communication skills We unknowingly communicate with each other through gestures, facial expressions, body language,...

The knower’s perspective is essential in the pursuit of knowledge. To what extent do you agree?

Is the knower’s perspective important in the theory of knowledge? THESIS STATEMENT. An analysis of the philosophy of knowledge reveals that among the key challenges that need urgent redress is the argument on whether the knower's perspective is essential in the pursuit of knowledge. SUPPORTING THE THESIS Anybody who pursues knowledge ought to have an open mind and exercise flexibility so as to be able to receive information.The learner and the knower share a common goal that is to share knowledge but the perspectives from which they engage are distinctly different. There is, therefore, need for both entities to come into a mutual understanding that may include one party buying into the other's...

the value doubt

Values of Doubt Name Institution Values of Doubt The Oracle of Delphi s revelation that Socrates was the wisest man on earth is one that caught him with surprise. As far as Socrates was concerned, he was not the wisest man on earth because he knew he had his shortcomings confesses to being ignorant of the answers to many questions that he encountered in his life. However, since lying is against the nature of gods, the Oracle of Delphi could not be lying. Values of Socrates Doubts and importance in making people better, stronger, and free Socrates set on a mission to ascertain if he was the wisest. Socrates interviewed a politician and a renowned philosopher who were regarded by people...

Public school system should be required to wear school uniforms

Name Professor Course Date Public School System should be required to Wear School Uniforms Introduction School uniforms are the specific design for clothing designated to be worn by the students when attending their academic classes at the schools. Different public schools in the United States and their respective different grades have different school uniforms. However, that is no issue, what is important is that schools should be schools and rather not fashion shows. Since all students go and should go to school with one primary aim, gaining an education, creating uniformity amongst all students is also paramount (Brunsma 216). I, therefore, strongly support that the U.S. public school system...