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What are the reasons for teenagers smoking?

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What are the reasons for teenagers smoking?

Category: Proposal Essay

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Level: High School

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The reasons for teenagers smoking
Smoking is the primary source of preventable deaths in the United States and 30% of teenagers become addicted and die early due to smoking-related diseases like lung cancer. A teenager has a tough decision to make in life; they see adults smoking and does not release it harms their health. Most teenagers are tricked into smoking, and once they are addicted and get the smoking-related disease, they try to quit. At this level, it is not easy to stop smoking due to addiction complications. Youngsters can be ascribed to three main reasons as explained below.
The first one is independence or defiance; they think that smoking makes them cooler and. Therefore, they indulge in smoking to impress since they are independent to do what they want. They lack confidence; teenagers seek to feel confident as a sign of high self-esteem, and smoking offers a false sense of the confidence boost they crave for. They believe that everyone is smoking; peer pressure is a bad aspect and is propagated by defiance. Teenagers force each other into practices by telling each other that if someone famous is doing it who are you not to do it and on self-reflection one get to find the smoking act a necessity to fit in the particular community.
Parents and family members who smoke give a bad impression to their sons. They think their parents are doing a good thing. As teenagers grow, parents are the first teachers and so the lessons they derive from their parents are significant during their making of choices. They learn from their parents that smoking helps to ease stress. Parents who smoke give a lame excuse and explanation as to why they smoke. Teenagers in their endeavors will be stressed and would take or recommend smoking as cure based on the parental example. Their parents could not raise them well; parents have an obligation to nurture their children in appropriate manners. Some parents fail in teaching their children moral habits and ends up in smoking.
Influence of bad friends that are near them. They want to be cooler in their group, and so they start to smoke. Teenagers crave for recognition amongst their peers and would do anything to earn their approval. This has massively contributed to the rise of numbers of teenagers who smoke. Their friends are trying to make them smoke, friends already smoking would give their friends non-smokers to have a puff and with time one becomes an expert smoker. Hanging out with smokers all the time, is a critical risk factor. One becomes and indirect smoker those with time they start to crave for smoke and with time they begin to smoke. Even without indirect smoking for one to fit in a group of friends they spend most of their time with, they must mu sharing particular aspect. In this context, for one to fit in a group of strangers, they must initiate smoking.
In conclusion, youngsters smoking can be ascribed three reasons that include The first one is independence or defiance, Parents and family members who smoke gives a bad impression to their sons, and Influence from bad friends that are near them as explained above. Smoking has no benefit and destroys life. I would advise teenagers indulging in smoking activities to reflect on their life like in 20 years to come and see how their life could be and quit or not start smoking for it only destroys their life.

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