Proposal Essay

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Proposal Essay
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Hamlet or Don Quixote

Name Lecturer Course Date Hamlet Hamlet is a tragedy authored by William Shakespeare probably, between the year 1599 and 1602. In this play, Shakespeare centers on the rapidly changing events in the family of King Hamlet who is murdered by his brother, Claudius who goes ahead to hurriedly marry his wife, Gertrude. All these annoy Hamlet, the apparent heir of the throne, who avenges on his uncle Claudio because he can now not assume leadership role as anticipated. This paper interprets the play and discusses revenge as a prominent theme in the tragedy. In my opinion, Hamlet is simply about revenge. It discusses how the evils in the society can be destructive to the perpetrators. After killing...

Two Management Theories: Compare and Contrast

Two Management Theories Name Institution Two Management Theories The concept of management differs across the globe. Theories are formed to elaborate on the managerial strategies to use. Management principles are expressed from different histories and contexts. They have positive and negative effects on management practice. The service industry impacts some challenges on its leaders (Nolan & Johnson, 2011). The needs of employees and employers have become complex. Students enter the management field lacking the necessary leadership skills. The focus is now on having a competent workforce. This move has led to the challenge of lacking adequate supervision, leading to increased rate of...


Name: Professor’s name: Course number: Date: Dedication Essay English is a controversial subject. This is because the English vocabulary has no standard definition. All these words are interpreted according to an individual’s personal experience. Very many other factors are also considered. The word ‘dedication’ is a perfect example to look at. The word has very many acceptable definitions. Dedication is passion. Don’t tell me that you don’t know Ludwig Van Beethoven, the German composer and pianist. Beethoven displayed his musical talents at a very early age, after being taught by his father, Johann van...

The Health Promotion Model: Nola J. Pender

The Health Promotion Model: Nola J. Pender. Theory/Author Name and Background. The paper herein addresses the Health Promotion Model by Nola J. Pender, which is a mid-range theory. However, before this article delves deep into this topic, it would be appropriate first to provide background details of the theorist as well as the theory. Born on 16th August 1941, Nola J. Pender is an honored nursing theorist, academic, and author. She attended the Michigan State University where she earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in 1964 and 1965 respectively. Later on, she managed to receive a Ph. D. from Northwestern University in 1969. Around the time Pender was studying for a doctorate, she became...

American Dream

Name Instructors Name Course Date American Dream The American Dream is a philosophy that everybody in America, including immigrants and citizens who started in poor conditions, has an equivalent open door in making monetary and social progress in the United States. Despite the fact that the expression did not exist until 1931 when James Truslow Adams referred to the wonder like this in his book "The Epic of America," the way of life of the American Dream has been available since the start of this nation, as we presently remember it. Immigrants converged to America in the seventeenth and eighteenth hundreds of years with the guarantee of religious opportunity and chances for financial thriving....

Whites’ Privileges in America

Name Instructor’s Name Course Date White Privileges in America In America, there has been a long-term perception that if an individual is white, this individual is entitled to privileges irrespective of this individual’s financial background. This notion has had many implications for the way in which people relate in the US, the way individuals carry out their businesses as well as the way and place to which people live according to their skin complexion. This notion has played a major role in the achievements as well as the downfall to which the societal set up of the US, regarding the country’s security, economy, environmental conservation, as well as the international relationship to...

Barn Burning and “Araby”

Name SubjectInstructor: Date Coming of age: Sarty in “Barn Burning” & the narrator in “Araby” experiences compared Coming of age is an important theme learnt from Sarty in “Barn Burning” when he realizes that he must choose between good and wrong in spite of his chaotic family background of unending violence mingled in their culture. Sarty’s worldview is that violence forms an integral but of manhood which he derives out of his father beating him. What Sarty does at the end to fulfill his destiny is running away from the family by stopping to adhere to the traditions. Hence, to the family he is an outcast but to himself e is a free man to start all over again. On the other...

Carbon footprint and banking #2

Carbon footprint and banking #2 Carbon banking is a process through which companies and corporations purchase carbon emissions from corporations in the developing countries and those countries whose economy is in transition. The purchased carbon emission gives the companies credits to emit a tonne of carbon dioxide or any other greenhouse gas (Marechal and Hecq, 716).The exercise is helpful in mitigating the effects of greenhouses as the growth in greenhouse gases is controlled. The buying and selling of carbon credit give a rose to carbon trading. The greenhouse gases emission is also effectively controlled as carbon emission permits are allocated depending on the regulated resources. There are...

Differences between working experience and volunteer work

Today, many organizations list work experience and volunteer work as being synonymous. Practically speaking, this concept is appropriate. However, it is limited in the sense that it tends to place volunteers into uniformity with employees rather than celebrating their unpaid work. Most of the tasks in any firm can be carried out by workers despite their designation as paid employees or volunteers. In fact, in most organizations, one can hardly tell the difference between an employee and a volunteer-based on the services offered by the two. Despite the subtle similarities between working experience and volunteer work, these two concepts have the numerous differences that alienate them both technically...