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W3Charleston, South Carolina Case Study Review

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W3Charleston, South Carolina Case Study Review

Category: Classification Essay

Subcategory: Biology

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Charleston, South Carolina Case Study Review
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The symptoms, diagnosis and the cure and the prevention
Joseph Riley, mayor of Charlestown, guided the change in the American downtown. Spectacular changes result from well-implemented thoughts through political processes. The poor state of Charleston helped her to evade the constructive destruction of the time. First arrivals of Charleston faced conflict and bloodshed from the Native Americans, British, French, and Spanish. The appearance of the different groups coupled with African slaves and pirates led to the multicultural environment right from the beginning. Granted religious freedom from John Locke, in the constitution, changed the social fabric of the city that remained ever since. Natural calamities like hurricanes and earthquakes have influenced the architecture of the town to the formation of embankments and fortifications (Richard 2011).
To maintain people’s connectedness and the social setup, Riley advocated for retention of public centers, public plazas and reconstruction of pedestrian malls. The mayor dedicated himself to giving the people of Charleston access to public parks and spaces which according to him the public owned the birthright. Maintain his social vision for the people, houses got built with doors and windows facing the streets essential for the public realm. Roads are designed to hold two-way traffic to reduce the speed of the moving engines, making bot…

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