Classification Essay

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Classification Essay
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A regional bank has decided to open an office overseas for serving those businesses that are expanding internationally. Choose a country with a large financial center that you believe would be helpful to your customer base.

Opening a Regional Bank in Nigeria Name Institution Opening a Regional Bank in Nigeria Nigeria with a swelling population which is approximately one hundred and sixty million, the number of middle class citizen has increased significantly over the last few decades. The people of Nigeria represent diverse socio cultural background which to an extent could be beneficial to foreign investors in the banking sector. However, some of the regional banks which have attempted to penetrate the Nigeria economy have faced quite number of obstacles. These challenges are linked to failure by the previous regimes to restore order in Nigeria hence created a room for malpractices in the banking sector....

Explain what you like about this topic and why you pick it as your research paper

Name Student Institute Teacher A comparative study of Hinduism and Buddhism: why I chose this topic Religion is often the topic of discourse in most debates in the modern world. There are numerous people who believe in one religion or the other, which in turn shapes their personality over time. The most common bone of contention among people, however, is the question of superiority of religion. Ever since the concept of religion, God, and creator came into existence, people have been debating over whether God really is one entity, or is divided along the lines, or is the individual spiritual manifestation for a person, unique to his or her own self. Wars have been fought over achieving...

479 Final Essay Question

Final Question Name Institution The prohibition of drugs done through sumptuary regulation or religious decree is a mutual means of struggling to inhibit the recreational usage of the banned drugs. While certain drugs are prohibited from having, many administrations control the production, distribution, promotion, trade and use of specific drugs done by a treatment system. The most extensively banned stuff comprise of psychoactive substances though blanket proscription also spreads to particular steroids and further substances. Several regimes do not forbid the ownership of a restricted amount of particular drugs for individual use, however still barring their auction or production,...

Portfolio Project 2

What It Takes To Become a Good Manager Student Name: Course Number: Name Of Course: Name of Institution: Name of Instructor: Date Submitted: INTRODUCTION Leadership in economic entities is an imperative tool that sets the businesses dimension and a platform for it to meet its goals. It is a position that deserves a psychological perception where the leader is supposed to have a page of the behaviour associated with the staff so that he or she can control them. Evidence indicates that the engagement of inadequate skills towards the task will automatically attract loss of direction. Evidently, the entity endures a diminishing phase endorsing its declination from the market (Peng & Luo,...

Fences by August Wilson.

Fences: By August Wilson Name of the Student Professor’s Name Fences: By August Wilson Fences is a play written in 1983 by August Wilson. It described the life of a person called Troy, who was an African-American. He used to be good baseball player, however was a victim of racial discrimination and did not have an opportunity due to the racial barrier. He was also imprisoned for a murder which he committed unintentionally and was put behind bars. Troy has a wife named Rose and a son named Cory. Troy was released from prison and was employed in the garbage department, somewhere in Pittsburgh. He was escalated from the job of trash collection to a driver of the garbage van. The most...

Physical science

Physical sciences are shaping the lives of human beings. With the innovation and improvement of scientific concepts in physics, technological advancement is expected in the general industry. Some of the industries that are likely to be affected shortly include the energy, transport and aviation industry among others. With the improvement in technology and rise in production levels, the rate of pollution is expected hence climate change cannot be evaded. As a result, future world leaders will have to enact laws and measures that create a balance between technology, the rise of production and environment conservation. The energy industry will be affected by the world’s demand for renewable sources of...

The Roman Empire

Name: Professor: Course: Date: The Roman Empire 1 (A) Octavius was a man of the people. During his reign, there were severe challenges due to the cold war. People fought each other through propaganda and even through hate speech. Hatred bestowed the whole of Rome. However, Octavius worked on restoring people's love and dignity. As a result, he received various titles. First, Augustus was given by the senate in recognition of his recommendable services and dignity to the senate. Second, he was given a title “Imperium Proconsulare” in recognition of his proconsul powers. Also due to tribunician powers, he was given a title “tribunicia potestas.” He was also made pontifex maximus and...

Comparison of the classical and medieval era

Comparison of the classical and medieval era The medieval period refers to the timespan between the classical age and the modern era experienced in western history. The societies experienced significant changes in social, political, and economic aspects during the transition period. Politically This was a period of democratic integration in the ruling systems. In the classical period, governments employed an aristocratic form of leadership and other forms of dictatorial governing sectors. Political heads had authority over their subjects with less regard to life. However, in the medieval period, governments embraced a more liberal form of leadership giving their subjects room to air their...

Reflective on writing skills

Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course NumberDate Reflective Essay on Writing Skills Writing to an extent has been a broad struggle for me during my entire course. At the beginning of the course, I didn't trust that before the end of the course I would improve as a writer and earn a degree. Despite everything, I have a little plan on how to turn into the best writer I can be yet by taking this broad writing course. I have possessed the capacity to develop and learn as an author, supervisor, and analyzer of my work. Working closely with my colleagues has helped me gain from them as they have gained from me as well, (Byrne & Donn, 33). I have attempted to enhance specific parts of my...