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Sex and Sexuality Definition Paper

Sex and Sexuality Definition Paper Name Institutional Affiliation Sex and sexuality Definitions of sex and sexuality Sex can be termed as the differences that exist biologically between the male and female genders, such as the genitalia and genetic differences (Smith, Attwood, & McNair, 2017). Additionally, it can be defined as either of the two primary forms of individuals that occur in many species, and that can be distinguished as female or male by their reproductive organs and structures. Sexuality is the feeling of attraction, desire, and lust (Smith, Attwood, & McNair, 2017). It is associated with the willingness of an individual and how the individual uses her physical &...

Sexual versus asexual reproduction

Sexual Versus Asexual Reproduction Student’s Name Institution Sexual Versus Asexual Reproduction In many living organisms, sexual reproduction is the only form of reproduction. In basic terms, nearly all organisms falling under eukaryotes reproduce sexually through fertilization and the meiosis process to produce offspring which have identical genes to their parents. For the sexual reproduction to take place, there should be both the male and female organisms. The male organisms mate with the female ones; in this case, the fertilization process is bound to happen after the mating process. Once the fertilization occurs, the fertilized cells undergo the process of meiosis. Under this process,...


Name of the Student Professor’s Name Toxicology-Coursework 10th January 2018 TUTORIAL 1 Compound A is a carboxylic acid with a pKa of 5.0. The protonated form of A has a partition coefficient of 1.0. If A is ingested, indicate a) its most likely site of absorption: stomach b) the effect of achlorhydria on the absorption: absorption is reduced c) the effect of administration of the compound immediately before and immediately after a substantial meal: before a meal, it is increased, but after a meal, it is reduced. 2. Why is insulin ineffective if given orally? Since insulin is a polypeptide hormone, it can be digested by proteases in the gastrointestinal tract. Hence,...

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Whether Native Chemical Ligation Can Effectively Conjugate Ionic Helical Polypeptides with eGFP? A Possibility for Intracellular Trafficking for Therapeutic Targets Student’s Name Institution Whether Native Chemical Ligation Can Effectively Conjugate Ionic Helical Polypeptides with eGFP? A Possibility for Intracellular Trafficking for Therapeutic Targets Introduction PEGylation (protein-polymer conjugation) is considered as the gold standard for modulating the functions of different proteins, the self-assembly of hierarchical structures, and the delivery of various therapeutic agents. Such protein conjugates were known to prolong the circulating time of different therapeutic molecules. PEGylation...

Zika virus

Name Instructor Course Date Zika Virus, an Aedes mosquito-borne flavivirus, has been spreading at a very high rate becoming a global public health concern (Gubler et al. 861). For instance, it is suspected to be associated with more than four thousand current cases of microcephaly among infants in Brazil. The virus was identified in Uganda in 1947 by a group of researchers who were by then doing some research on yellow fever (WHO). The single-stranded RNA virus belonging to flavivirus genus was first noticed in monkeys (Lanteri et al. 1907). After that, the infection was seen in humans in both Tanzania and Uganda. Zika virus was believed to have a low virulence; this was by analysis of the...

Functional Anatomy

What is the difference between a displaced and non-displaced fracture? In a displaced fracture, the bone breaks into two or more sections and shifts position so that the two ends are not on a straight line. In a non-displaced fracture, the bone cracks all of the way through or either part but does not move thereby maintaining its proper alignment. Define as related to fracture healing: Non-Union: This refers to a situation where a broken bone fails to heal. Mal-Union: This refers to a situation where the fracture heals with the two ends of the bone not lined up correctly. Delayed Union: This refers to a situation where the fracture takes longer than usual to heal. What is Open Reduction vs. Closed...

Health sex education intervention article summary

Parent-Child communication as an intervention for sexual health education and it impacts Among African-American and Hispanics Student’s Name Institution’s Affiliation Introduction Sexual health education involves activities that relate to human sexuality. Some of the issues addressed in sexual health education include reproductive health, sexual activities, human anatomy, hormonal changes, safe sex, sex-related diseases, methods of birth controls, and abstinence. Sexual education is an important topic to young adults and the adolescent as they have several issues regarding their growth and development. For instance, adolescents' years are characterized by changes in the sexual body anatomy...

Muscular Dystrophy Revised

Muscular Dystrophy Author Institution Author’s Notes Muscular Dystrophy The condition refers to a collection of genetic disorders that slowly affects the muscles causing weakness and eventually lead to disability. The conditions are usually mild in the initial stages but worsen over time, on the onset a muscle group is affected but towards the end, the symptoms move to other muscles. It is not a life-threatening condition unless heart and lung muscles are affected CITATION Ara00 l 1033 (Arahata, 2000). There is no known cure for Muscular Dystrophy (MD), but the treatment involves the management of the symptoms to enable the patient to live a near normal life. Etiology In every...

Personal statement

Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Personal Statement The human body carries out tremendously complex tasks on a routine basis. It comprises of remarkably complex organs, such as the liver, eyes, kidneys, the heart, the skin, and the brain, among others (Starr, Christine, and Lisa 384). In fact, the workings of the human brain easily make the most advanced computer ever made look like a toy. The complexity of interaction between cells and the fascinating immune system that is mostly efficient in fighting diseases make the human body a world in itself. The diversity of the human body with regard to coping with diseases has always fascinated me. I currently hold a bachelor degree in medicine and surgery,...