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Verbal-Visual Essay Exploring theme in the Chrysalids

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Essay Exploring Theme in The ChrysalidsThe essay novel in The Chrysalides is written with many excellent and exclusive themes. The themes brought out are very firmly attached to satires. The several major aims of hitting this novel are pointed toward the falling of the Waknut community as well as the today community. The community of Waknuk wants to expel anything that is not produced in their ideal of the real image of their society. While in our today’s history of civilization, same groups react negatively toward the opposing group. The author uses the themes to represent views on many aspects. Many different authors use themes to articulate their view on the current occasion.
In our society today, there is an extreme quantity of intolerant, unfairness, and ignorance, although there are some people who are aware of intolerance, and they are trying to change the situation. In the novel of John Wyndham, the author deals with the theme of intolerant, unfairness and ignorant in many different ways. The theme of the intolerance is clearly brought out, where the people living on the border were prejudiced toward the society of Waknuk. Since they felt that any society without a type of change or different were weak and powerless to them, they needed people to excellent changes and who are different to them. In a novel of John Wyndham, the author explains how Rosalinde escaped from the town with all the ESP kinds with a cross on her dress from Waknuk. The cross would help her since together with the ESP children she would not be considered as a real human. Hence, across on the dress would be a sign to show that she was a real person. The customs only wore these dresses, and she illustrated that at the border she will be rejected since society in the border rejected the custom. The community of Waknuk is so ignorant that they do not even make an effort to gather information and traditions about the other communities.
The theme of irresponsibility and incompetence also apply in the today’s society. People in the society are terrified of changes; they only want hold and be familiar with their environment, not the new surroundings. The people of Waknuk are always demanding to cleanse their world and isolating themselves from any new changes. They want to hold and maintain their only custom without allowing the nature to develop. Their primary aim is to create the global of the past and force the ideal of civilization to end altogether. The past and present life is very different from future life. The Society of Waknuk should understand the important of these changes and without these changes, the society is destined to have a future life of bad luck and face the cruelty of death.
Individual do not survive because they are physically powerful and superior to other creatures, however, it because of the lack of knowledge. If the human mind is idle will the changes remain constant? Life is not as perfect as every person wants it to be. Every day has twists and turns that come in every place. The nature development cannot be controlled, and it is not always enjoyable to all, but every individual has to accept the way nature is and respect and accept every significant change. The main literary theme that the author demonstrate is the survival of the fittest. Every individual should accept and adapt to changes in their lives.

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