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types of neighbors

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Types of Neighbors
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Regardless of where one lives, they are bound to have other individuals living next to or near them. They may be a family with kids, a young couple, roommates, or an individual. These are their neighbors, and one has to meet them whether accidentally or intentionally. Interaction is thus natural and inevitable between individuals who live in the same neighborhood giving one the chance to meet different types of people and with time, learning to deal with them and their characters. Markedly, individuals differ in character and thus there are different types of neighbors.
The over-friendly neighbor uses their social skills to snoop into other peoples’ affairs. They love to gossip, and if one is not careful enough, they are easily pulled into their ventures into matters that do not concern them. The main reason why such individuals socialize is to find something to gossip about. Most of their free time is spent in other peoples’ houses and will always find an excuse to be present in one’s house. In their effort to extract personal information from their neighbors, they end up becoming over-friendly. Such types of neighbors will disturb one by asking extremely personal questions that individuals are not usually comfortable answering, and they cannot draw the line between normal conversation and personal issues. They are likely to ask questions about personal family issues, relationship matters and how much …

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