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Transfer essay from a community college to a 4 year university

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Transfer essay from a community college to a 4 year university

Category: Admission Essay

Subcategory: Politics

Level: College

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Admission Essay
25th November 2015
Admission Essay for Transfer to a University Curriculum
I would like to detail my cause for applying for a transfer to your esteemed University for the 4-year degree curriculum. I have been a very hardworking individual and always like to venture out into newer and innovative possibilities. During my schooling, I was exposed to different subjects, and although I secured B grades for most of my subjects, I had a passion for Biological Sciences and especially the human body. The functioning of the musculoskeletal system amazed me. In such pursuit, I got admitted to the community college and got myself enrolled in Nutrition Sciences. The field was new to me, and it was exciting too.
I learned the biochemical reactions and the importance of diet in our day to day activities. At my home and in my social settings, I took the initiative of formulating their diet charts and also for myself. I could see the results as I was able to reduce my weight drastically and maintained proper health. I always like to implement the theoretical knowledge into practice, and in such pursuit, I shadowed a dietician. I rendered my voluntary services at the Geneva Hospital, and in the community church, where I used to pack food and prepare nutritive breakfasts. I was very committed to my duties, both in the hospital and also in the church. It provided me a great satisfaction that I was doing something produ…

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