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Transfer essay from a community college to a 4 year university

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Transfer essay from a community college to a 4 year university

Category: Admission Essay

Subcategory: Politics

Level: College

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Words: 550

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Admission Essay
25th November 2015
Admission Essay for Transfer to a University Curriculum
I would like to detail my cause for applying for a transfer to your esteemed University for the 4-year degree curriculum. I have been a very hardworking individual and always like to venture out into newer and innovative possibilities. During my schooling, I was exposed to different subjects, and although I secured B grades for most of my subjects, I had a passion for Biological Sciences and especially the human body. The functioning of the musculoskeletal system amazed me. In such pursuit, I got admitted to the community college and got myself enrolled in Nutrition Sciences. The field was new to me, and it was exciting too.
I learned the biochemical reactions and the importance of diet in our day to day activities. At my home and in my social settings, I took the initiative of formulating their diet charts and also for myself. I could see the results as I was able to reduce my weight drastically and maintained proper health. I always like to implement the theoretical knowledge into practice, and in such pursuit, I shadowed a dietician. I rendered my voluntary services at the Geneva Hospital, and in the community church, where I used to pack food and prepare nutritive breakfasts. I was very committed to my duties, both in the hospital and also in the church. It provided me a great satisfaction that I was doing something productive, with my passionate subject. However, I also realized that learning a course in Nutrition will end me as a professional Dietician. Since, I was financially compromised; I had to drop the proposition of becoming an expert in Nutritional Sciences. I decided to change my perspective and career pathway, in spite of adhering to my passion for clinical sciences.
Since in my school days I had a love and passion for the musculoskeletal system, I became attracted to the field of Physical therapy. This is because I changed my major to a Physical therapist and had been deeply moved by his professional practice. It’s not that I never liked “Nutrition” anymore, but I loved “Physical Therapy” more. I was amazed at the dedication, and the technical expertise was put into a patient for alleviating his or her pain, and rehabilitating him or her back to normal daily activities. The domain of practice of Physical Therapy attracted me too. It was not only the general patients who came to the clinic but a lot of sportspersons too. I am moved by the subject and specialty of Physical Therapy and want to pursue my higher education and future career in this subject only.
I have heard a lot regarding the Department of Physical Therapy in your esteemed University. This is because my seniors have narrated, that the opportunity of implementing theoretical knowledge into practice is highly encouraged in your academic environment. Since, I belong to a financially constrained family I want to become a practicing dietician to sustain my studies in your university. However, all my focus is towards making a career in Physical Therapy. It is my dream opportunity to get enrolled in your university. Further, I would like to state that, if I am provided the opportunity of getting enrolled in your esteemed institute, I would like to pursue higher education with Physical therapy. I am sure that with my passion and quest for implementing practical knowledge, I will have a successful career with Physical Therapy in your university.

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