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Revenge of the Electric Car

Revenge the Electric Car Name of Student Name of University The challenges of creating an electric car in a petroleum-based market and the changes that are happening as a result Learning Goals: Identify the stakeholders in the development of green transportation technologies. It is mainly the automobile manufacturers who are the stakeholders, with consumers and the government forming a faire percentage. Identify the challenges of changing our transportation paradigm –cars run on gasoline and we depend on the oil industry to keep society running. There are short term and long term challenges. The former contributes to fuel efficiency and vehicle emission controls in small increments. The...

Parkinson disease

According to Londos et al. (2013), 83% percent of the patients suffering from dementia and Parkinson are going to experience at least an event of dysphagia or difficulties to swallow correctly. As a result of the degeneration the disease causes, the patients' swallowing capacities diminishes, which could cause aspiration pneumonia, leading to death in a large amount of the cases where it occurs. (Robbins et al., 2008). Therefore, given the adverse findings related to long-term artificial feeding methods in patients suffering from Parkinson's disease call from a manual method that avoid the principal element of mortality among the patients, as a way to improve their well-being and reduce the incidents...

Same-Sex Marriage #2

Same Sex Marriage Democracy precludes the rights of the citizens in choosing a government. The state and legislators are responsible for the running of the government and implementing of laws within the nation. Same-sex marriages preclude unions between people of the same sex (Conkle 30). Gays and Lesbians are typical examples of same-sex couples in the USA. Previously, citizens regarded homosexual relationships as unstable psychological people. Scientists carried out numerous researches on the matter and realized little information on the state of the couples within same-sex relationships. However, conservative communities such as African Americans and Filipinos vehemently opposed same-sex...

Struggles of single Parenthood

Struggles of Single Motherhood Theresa Woghiren Esso ENG/147 September 20, 2015 Health Care Struggles of single Parenthood Section 1: Introduction The increase in divorce rates and teenage pregnancies globally has ultimately led to an increase in the number of single parenthood families. In this situation, the parent focuses on his or her career, being a parent, and putting food on the table (Wilson,1993). The single spouses face challenges alone and, as a result, often find life difficult while in the process of getting back on track. From the hundreds of testimonials read about the different successful single mothers, it is evident that the socioeconomic issues faced are similar (Fawzia,...

the current debates in education

The Current Debates in Education In America, public education has been one of the most critical issues since 1983.A reform movement led by Horace Mann won widespread support for the need to make education available for all the children in America. Reformers always believed that Education would, in the long run, help children to become good citizens and thus able to escape poverty. The system of public education was created with two main purposes; prepare the youths for success in careers also to provide skills and knowledge so as to be engaged and informed citizens. The reforms helped correct inequality and discrimination in American education. In recent decades, the debate over...

i am not a monster(1)

I am not a monster Kelly Ellard could rock and weep in the witness box under cross-examination by the juries on the charges that she killed her friend Reena Virk. It is at this time that she gets angry and tells the judge that" she is not a monster". The case gets to a tense moment between the attorney Catherine Murray and the accused, but this does not prevent the prosecutors' questions regarding the incident that led to the death of Ellard's schoolmate. Reena Virk was beaten up and drowned under a Victoria bridge. Ellard admits to being a participant in the first attack on Virk when a gang of her classmates lured the girl under Victoria's Craigflower Bridge and then beating her ruthlessly leaving...


NOT ANOTHER BRICK IN THE WALL Topic: Off-Beat Theme: Nonconformity Season: Autumn/Winter 2016 Table of Content Introduction I.Punk Movement II.The Antwerp Six + III.Culture Jamming IV.Hollywood Oddballs Conclusion References Appendix A.Mind Map B.Transcript of Interview Introduction OFF-BEAT This topic is taken from the WGSN’s Autumn/Winter 16/17 trend — OffBeat. According to the society, the very idea of ‘off-beat’ may come off as a bit deviant rather than any good. Meaning, an off-beat person is the ones who has a bit odd or unusual and does not fit in the society. Their habits are beyond our understanding, not because they are the result of madness, but because they are...

book of Exodus Chapters 6-8

Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Book of Exodus Chapters 6-8 The book of Exodus has a lot regarding the relationship that God had in Moses and his brother Aaron. In chapter 6 God gives Moses an assurance that everything is going to be alright for the Israelites and thus he needs not to worry. He gives a promise that the Patriarchs covenant will be fulfilled, and the Israelites will get the land of Canaan, which is Jordan currently. God in his own way makes things look like a freedom fight. At first, his basic idea of having the Israelites into the wilderness is so that they could worship Him but He later changes His mind and decides to free them from the bondage of slavery in Egypt. This is a...

Healthy Eating

Name Subject Tutor Date Blame the eater, not the fast food There is no doubt that America currently struggles with obesity. There are thousands of kids that are already obese by the time they are teenagers. Obesity is not the only health issue that is common among the American population. Cases of cardiovascular diseases have increased as well as diabetes. In fact, diabetes was mainly due to a genetic cause. However, currently, there are cases of diabetes developing at and older age. All these problems are mainly due to one thing; the change in eating habits. There thousands of fast food outlets all over the country from countless brands. “Don’t blame the Eater” is an article...