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tourism destination branding

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tourism destination branding

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Marketing

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Tourism Destination Branding
IntroductionIn the contemporary society, there is evidently a challenging future for the tourism destinations because of the increased globalized competition for the tourists by the ever-increasing number of destinations. It is essential to note that various destinations struggle with the concept of differentiation in pursuit of competitive advantage. On the other hand, other destinations have the tendency of facing decline because of the habit and decision by tourists to travel elsewhere. This calls for adoption and integration of the concepts of destination branding with the objective of enabling tourism destinations to achieve differentiation from the competition. In addition, branding should also focus on developing, as well as maintaining or revitalizing a desirable image with the intention of attracting more visitors or tourists. These aspects should focus on enabling the destinations to gain the competitive advantage in the highly competitive industry. In this research essay, the focus will be on evaluation of the importance of destinations branding, as well as the exploration of the theoretical perspectives of branding. Furthermore, the essay will examine the influence of social and cultural factors on destination branding. Similarly, the essay will examine the relevant examples of destination branding, which have positive and negative implications in the global …

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