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To what extent should foods and food packaging and services be adapted for foreign consumers? What are the advantages? What are the disadvantages?

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Packaging for foreign customers
One essential marketing strategy is to consider the needs of the consumer. Businesses have to identify their target customers when designing the package mechanism and labeling of the product (Technology and Manning 11). The package ought to relate to the product so that the consumer can tell the contents of the product before making the final purchase decision. Packaging and definition of product’s attributes would vary depending on the market niche and target customers. Local customers that are aware of the product are not in need of additional information concerning the contents of the product. However, this would differ for an international food processor aiming to attract a global market.
Extent of packaging
International food processing companies ought to state clearly and provide justification for the content or ingredients through a visible and comprehensive package. The packaging and information indicated on the cover should be certified by a government body as approval of the existing ingredients not to deceive the clients (Bellinghouse 108). Packaging is very essential to unknowing and new clients. In the case of misinformation, some customers may file for legal proceedings in cases where international food processing companies may have failed to clarify on the contents of the product. Firms seeking to expand in other territories should understand the various dynamics in cult…

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