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The U.S. Government in the World and at Home

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The U.S. Government in the World and at Home

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Geography

Level: High School

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Words: 275

The U.S. Government in the World and at Home
In the era of globalization, the weakening of America’s economic competitiveness is far from unavoidable. America is still the world’s largest and most productive economy and has the biggest market for refined services and goods, which motivates innovation and attracts investment.
The American president performs the essential role in assisting the executive to make foreign policy and both have the responsibility of carrying it out. In the last ten years, Russia has been posing a greater security and policy challenge to America and other Western countries.
Terrorism such as ISIS, Cyber hacking, and North Korea are currently the greatest threats to the United States security. President Trump suggests stopping Muslims from coming to America as a measure of preventing the source of radicalizing. Recently, the president has met with North Korean Leader, and he has agreed to destroy all the nuclear weapons in North Korea.
The increase in the level of regulations on the capacity of counties to raise revenue is preventing the services’ provision and making it more difficult. The state regulations comprise of restricting what kind of taxes the states should impose, rules on the total collected revenue, permitted taxes rates, the approval process of obstacle-strewn, and property assessment (Galbraith, 2017).
After Nazi Germany surrendered in 1945 in nearly the end of World War II, the uncomfortable war period…

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