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West Virginia Geography

West Virginia Geography Name Institutional Affiliation West Virginia Geography Shenandoah Valley The Shenandoah Valley is a significant historical and geographical landmark in West Virginia. The valley is located between the Allegheny and Blue Ridge Mountains which is then divided by the Massanutten Mountain. The valley is twenty miles wide with a length of an estimated 140 miles. Thus the valley covers a total area of 2600 square miles that has considerable variations in elevation. The northwestern border of Shenandoah Valley is North Mountain which the main scope of the Allegheny Mountains while Blue Ridge on the southeast. It isolates the Valley from the Piedmont locale and the...

The United States and the Paris Climate Agreement

Name Instructor Course Date The United States and the Paris Climate Agreement The Paris Climate Agreement is known as the Paris Climate Accord, Paris Agreement or Paris Climate Deal is an agreement that the United Nations sponsored to bring countries around the world together to battle against climate change. 195 nations signed the accord in France on 12th December 2015. However, the implementation of the official agreement was in November 2016 (Al Jazeera) The pact aimed to restrict the signatory countries to limit global average temperature rise to below two degrees Celsius beyond the levels during the pre-industrial period and intending to limit the temperature increase to 1.5 degrees....

Immigration in Europe

Student Professor Course level Date Immigration in Europe The selected immigrant groups and the countries of destination Immigration is the process by which people move and live in a foreign country. People move to countries they are not citizens and do not have citizenship and becomes immigrants to that nation. In most cases, immigrants stay permanently in the states they have moved to and at times acquire citizenship as indicated in (Migration and migrant…para 2). With current crises for instance in Syria a war tone are, citizens are fleeing to Europe both legally and illegally for their safety. These people become refugees and are protected by international humanitarian laws. The...

Glacial periods “Nebraskan, Kansan, Illinoian, and Wisconsin

Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Glacial Periods “Nebraskan, Kansan, Illinoian, and Wisconsin.” Abstract The Glacial period represents a geological age that was having the long-term drop in the temperature of the earth’s surface and the atmosphere; the reduction in the temperature of the earth surface and its atmosphere resulted in the expansion of the ice sheets in the continents, polar and in the alpine. These periods had too many cold climates, and it was called glaciations, which means the presence of too much ice sheets within the northern and the southern hemispheres. Most likely some countries are still experiencing the ice age period since there is the existence of Greenland...

Refugees impact of globalization on a human rights issue

Name Institution Instructor Date Refugees Impact of Globalization on Human right issue Introduction The increasing number of refugees in various nations is a major cause of concern in the current globalized world. The problem is triggered by the need for enhanced security, better living standards, and other basic human needs. The problem is real and most nations are getting confused on how to deal with the situation based on the socio-economic and political impacts in the countries in which they migrate. This is because some refugees turn to be instrumental assets while, in some instances, they contribute in criminal activities. For instance, in Germany, refugees are valued and offered job...

Specific Alcohols of the world and their respective Geographic conditions

Student’s name Instructor’s name Geography Date Geo alcoholism Alcohol ranks third among the most consumed beverages in the world. Different societies practiced alcoholism for various reasons, leading to Geo alcoholism. Geo alcoholism refers to the production and consumption of specific alcohol brands, in particular, regions. The alcohol belt categories are beer, wine, and whiskey. Each belt or region was synonymous with a particular alcohol type consumed and produced within the belt. Production of alcohol is dependent on the geographical conditions, before the advancement of technology in producing alcohol. Some of the geographical conditions that affect production and consumption of...

China’s one child policy

Student’s Name Professor’s Name Subject Date The Implications of the “One Child” Policy in China In this essay, we shall focus on the political; economic, and social implications of the China’s “One child” policy In order to do it, we shall use all the references at our disposal. That way, we will be able to write an unbiased piece while keeping an academic tone. We intend to divide our essay in three parts to properly unfold the discussion. In the first one, we shall introduce the subject, and give a brief historical introduction to the reasons of the policy. The second part will be devoted to the discussion. In the discussion, we shall speak about the political; economic, and...

Reflection essay revised

Name: Professor’s name: Course number: Date: Reflection Essay The six countries that I compared using the UN Human Development indicators were: China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Mexico, India and Bangladesh. I was surprised by various facts: a majority of the items in my closets/bedroom/kitchen were not locally made but imported; all these countries, except Mexico, are found in Asia, and none of these countries fell in the very high human development category according to the UN Human Development indicators. The highest ranking was Mexico at position 80 in the category of high human development. China followed at position 100 in the same category. This was also surprising because I expected China...

Aging Populations in Nations

Student’s name Teacher’s Name Subject’s Name 01 January 2015 Aging Population and its Social Impact Media has a name to call population aging, it is “graying”. We might have heard it from the news, internet, and our workplaces, but we might not have understood how an aging population can affect our country, and our society. That is why we intend to answer that question with our essay. What does an again population mean and how can a graying population affect or society and our economy? In this essay, we aim to answer that question and support our claim with statistics that could prove that the population aging is a trend that is happening and needs to be taken into account. With...