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The Terrorist he Watches

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The Terrorist he Watches

Category: Essay

Subcategory: Classic English Literature

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From the poem, we can characterize the poem’s speaker as an accomplice based on several facts obtained from the poem supporting the position. The full flow of the drama read in the poem of the terrorist activity, and the speaker who seems to be cooperating with the terrorist are some of the insights that can enable us to refer to the speaker as an accomplice. The following are the facts that support my position.
We may interpret the narrator himself as the terrorist himself because the narrator does not use the first person at any point in the poem. The narrator knows exactly at what time the bomb will explode. He says that it will explode at twenty past one in the bar. He is monitoring all the all activities with time in the anticipated crime scene. It is an indication that the narrator was part of the plan to carry out a terrorist attack. The plan comes out clear when the speaker narrates that some will have enough time to enter as well as others having time to leave the anticipated crime scene.
The terrorist sounds emotionless as well as inhumanly detached. He says that the terrorist is safe from the anticipated bomb, and he can victims streaming in the bar as well as outside the bar like mere ants. The poem’s salient feature is its irony that is both contextual and dramatic. The speaker creates a dramatic scene by pointing out that the bomb is about to blow to harm a crowd of civilians who innocent and unsuspecting. The speaker seems to be a potential terrorist attacker who is cooperating with a colleague to fulfill their mission of killing innocent civilians. He describes the scene of awaiting doom without any sense of emotional content.
You can realize the speaker who is a potential terrorist watch a woman wearing a yellow jacket with mild interest as she proceeds to the bar as well as a man wearing dark glasses who comes out of the bar. He is not concerned with whoever will be on the safer side or the dangerous side at the wrong time. The speaker does not care for the pain and suffering he inflicts when he carries out a terrorist attack on innocent civilians who are in their daily pleasures in the bar. We notice that he has a duty of keeping time taking it into consideration into details such as every single second. You might compare his time keeping the ability to a robot who has been programmed by an expert.
The poem gives an impression that the terrorist is closely monitored by the speaker who is likely to be his partner. The poem gives insights on how the countdown is taking place in the mind of the terrorist. The speaker imagines on how some lives will be saved as well as how some victims of the incident will come out. The speaker says the reader to wait and see the outcome of some of the victims of the terrorist attack. He expects death as well as adverse suffering from the attack because it is what gives them satisfaction.
We can support the characterization of the speaker as an accomplice in the final stanza where the speaker who is a potential terrorist gets satisfaction from blowing of the bomb as well as how suffering and death awaits the innocent civilians without them having any prior knowledge of the crime. It is what we expect in the event a terrorist attack happens. The intention of a terrorist is always to kill, cause pain and suffering and any other destruction associated with terrorism. The disgrace is what gives them a great deal of satisfaction. It, therefore, illustrate clearly that the speaker is a terrorist as well.
The speaker of the poem has set the time to accomplish the mission as twenty past one. The voice in the poem is likely to be a voice of a terrorist hence this support the position of characterizing the speaker as an accomplice. When the speaker says that the bomb will blow at twenty minutes past one, we notice a sense of cruelty of the voice attached to this statement. He goes further to monitor the movement of his target as well as take notice of every detail of his victims like what they are wearing. He takes note on how a lady in a yellow jacket walks in and, without a doubt; the lady perishes in the explosion because the speaker does not mention it anywhere in the poem. She is one of the victims who give the terrorist a great sense of satisfaction as expected of an ideal terrorist.
From the poem indicating the scene of a terror attack, we can conclude and support the position that the speaker in the poem can be characterized as an accomplice. The position has been supported by several facts and relevant examples from the poem. The poem proves beyond any reasonable doubt that the speaker in the poem is as well a terrorist.

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