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The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks

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The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks

Category: Movie Review

Subcategory: Classic English Literature

Level: College

Pages: 4

Words: 1100

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Topic: The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks.
Noah tries to contemplate his life, all he has been through and all he has gained and lost over the course of the years. He recalls how he fell in love with this beautiful woman who goes by the name of Allie. He recalls the feelings he had for her and how she had left him without telling him anything, then all of a sudden she appeared and told him of how she had been for all those years, and how she had fallen in love again and was about to get married. He recounts how he had had to work in those different places, and how he had been living alone and lonely for all those years after Allie. And just when he was about to give up on love, his lost love is rekindled once he realizes the woman he loved so much still loved him. Both of them recreate the memories of their lost love, and what they have undergone emotionally after they walked away from each other.
Noah is good at playing the guitar. Noah describes himself as a 31-year old lonely man. Allie describes him as tall and strong, with light brown hair and handsome in his way. She thinks his voice is soft and fluent, and almost musical. He also has broad shoulders with a narrow hip and a flat stomach. He is an ambitious man, who always hard working and eager to accomplish his set goals and dreams. She also views him as a nice person who cares about everything and everyone around him. She a…

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