Movie Review

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Movie Review
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lion king

Student’s Name: Professor: Course: Date: The Lion King Production Behind every successful film, there is a very competitive production team. Lion King is one such film. The Lion King is an animated musical film that won several awards. Produced in Walt Disney in 1994, the production team burned the midnight oil with the aim of producing one of the most successful animation films. The idea of making the film was first conceived in 1988. However, actual production began in 1991, and the film was completed and released in 1994 (Barfield 46). The production team worked hard to produce the award-winning film. It was animated using a hand, signifying that animation cels, huge sheets of transparent...

A trip to Orlando

Name Instructor Course Date A Trip to Orlando Orlando is a great place to visit for families, sole travelers, and couples. It provides a wide range of unique experiences for every tourist to ascertain a memorable vacation. The time spent in any place of the city is always remarkable and thrilling. The city accommodates individuals in theme parks, nightlife, and outdoor adventures in a bid for an unforgettable vacation. I had a great time at the theme park. I went to the SeaWorld Parks and Resorts Orlando. While there, I received an all-inclusive vacation experience, from the cheap traveling costs to early entry offers. I got a chance to experience the occurrences in the aquatic world. There was...

Ain’t No Makin’ it by Jay MacLeod

Name Instructor Course Date Ain't No Makin' it by Jay MacLeod Introduction Ain’t No Makin’ It is a story about inequality in the human society, how it affects the lifestyles of people and how such equality can be transferred from one generation to another. It is based on the lifestyles of two groups of young people living in the Clarendon Heights low-income housing project. One of the groups, the Hallway Hangers, was made up of young white men while the other group, the Brothers. Had black members mostly. The story presents a comparison of the two groups giving an account of how poverty is passed on from one generation to another through the two groups. The second part of the book...

Why Steroid regulations in college football should be more strict

Name of Student Name of Supervisor Subject Code Date Steroid Regulations in College Football INTRODUCTION As Vince Lambardi once said “Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing”. With high stakes involving fame, money and potential professional careers the young college footballer is no less than a Roman gladiator entering the arena of play to conquer one and all. The relentless and unforgiving pursuit of winning at all costs drummed into the psyche of the players by parents, coaches and peer group has led them to using steroids as performance enhancing drugs putting their health and careers at stake. With the widespread reporting of side effects associated with steroid use and...

Writers Choice, (any topic about javascript)

JAVASCRIPT Students Name Name of class Instructor Institutional Affiliation Name of City Date JavaScript Introduction JavaScript is a language for computer programming that is object oriented and is used facilitates interaction within web browsers. JavaScript is mainly employed in browsers to provide client side functions in most web applications. With recent developments of an open web operating system, developers have been given a chance to create services including maps and advertisements. Services and applications can take advantage JavaScript utility foundation libraries. These libraries give utility for string, object, and array processing, Accessing web operating system services,...

A Memoir of Forgiveness, Survival, and My Journey from Homeless to Harvard

A Memoir of Forgiveness, Survival, and My Journey from Homeless to Harvard A Memoir of Forgiveness, Survival, and My Journey from Homeless to Harvard is a 352-page addiction morality tale authored by Liz Murray and published by the Hachette Books in 2011. In this book, Murray presents her memoir in which she provides a detailed illustration of her experiences. Having been born of drug addicts, Murray had to contend with a life of neglect in which she ended up dropping out of school and becoming a homeless girl who had nowhere, but the street to call home. However, due to her resilience and focused, she later rejoined school and managed to secure scholarship to further her studies at the prestigious...

Thinking through language

Thinking through Language Student’s name: Institutional affiliation: Abstract Thinking through language is an article by Bloon & Keil (2001) that provides a strong opinion on the controversial question of whether language affects human thoughts. The article’s authors begin the article by indicating a side of the argument that language has nothing to do with human thoughts. The other side of the argument is that one is born with the ability to think, with or without language development. Contrary to the two beliefs presented in the books, the authors present a stand that language development is critical to the ability to think. The article cites anthropologists and linguists and other...

Good and Evil

According to modern scholars, the word religion comes from the Latin religare, which means “to bind” or “to reconnect”. (Allen, 2004). Hence, following this interpretation, religion can be understood as the necessary connection between men and the sacred mysteries. Therefore, religion, like any other ethical and philosophical system has to provide answers to the dichotomy between good and evil. However, although every religion and system of beliefs have its set of rules and notions regarding the nature of these forces, each one of them concurs on the fact that they exist and interact with the humans. In this essay, we shall explain briefly the notions of good and evil in the...

A World of Gangs by John M. Hagedorn

Name Instructor Task Date A World of Gangs by John M. Hagedorn John M. Hagedorn’s A World of Gangs: Armed Young Men and Gangsta Culture (hereafter referred to as “A World of Gangs”) looks at the proliferation of urban criminal gangs due to the negative effects of globalization. For the billions of people living in urban slum areas, gangs are an ever-present element of routine life. Although gangs are still closely linked to American city life, this trend has slowly become a global phenomenon that plays an integral role in a number of activities, such as armed robberies, drug and human trafficking, political violence, and extortion, among others. Examining gang formation and gang activity...