The Law of Force

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The Law of Force

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The viability of the use of force continuum as a means for officers to assess how to respond to particular situations they may encounter, and strengths and weaknesses that exist within the continuum model.
The primary goal of the law enforcement organization is to protect the citizen. In everyday activities, the law enforcement officers face a risky situation when moving on to their responsibility of protecting the innocent citizens. When the police are dealing with the dangerous everyday situation, they usually have little time to assess the situation and determine the fine way to handle the situation. The police officer is supposed to use the force when all another mean of resolving the problem is worn out and clearly inapplicable. The stage of power that the police officer can use depends on the situation. For a police to be in a position to react to the danger or possible threat and respond with effective skills in addressing the situation must undergo a proper training. It is acceptable for the police officer to use the force to maintain the public safety and also to ensure that the laws are upheld (Leela, V, 2014).
The strengths that exist within the continuum model when using power is that those elements of effective practices are used to construct the conceptual framework. This framework is used to create a practical ideal assessment tool for use-of-force policies and practices. The weakness of police work is that sometimes it can be violated and dangerous. The use of police force can be the kind of job where someone deliberately tries to kill the other
If tools like pepper spray and Taser belong on the force continuum and when to be used
I think that that the law enforcement should adopt the use of pepper spray and Taser. The primary purpose of OC and ECD is to give the police more option than shooting when trying to arrest non cooperative suspects. This tool aims to immobilize the suspects while minimizing any harm, to the person or the arresting officer (Skolnick, 2000). I think it better for the police to carry with them this less leather weapon rather than carrying the harmful weapons. The less leather weapon should be used safely without contributing to civilian injuries and protection death. The police officer should use the spray so that to avoid the fight and pressure point control skill that can make it like that the police are physically beating the citizens. I think it better police to use OC or a Taser for protection rather than shooting
Where most stress originates for law enforcement officers.
The source of stress depend on one perception and other internal factors, hence what may stress one person may not stress the other individual. For the police officer, may overcome pressure due to the overworking and hard time dealing with the suspect. Stress varies according to the situation the police find himself or herself in; the defendant is different, the police officer does not choose who the client to solve his case, some it very hard to solve their case (.Spencer, 2007). Another source that can result to stress is from the police organization itself. The team can decide to shift the cops to the area where the police are not comfortable with, and since it is an order, the police have no power to say no. Another stress can come when the police officer is given defective equipment. The police officer may also feel distrusted when the law enforcement administration handle very seriously the complain of the citizen about the misconduct or disrespect of the police officer. Stress also occurs when one is unable to handle the social demand.
How best should agencies respond to situations that may create stress for officers
The best management of stress is to control or to reduce the pressure (Brownlie, 1999). For the agencies to respond to the situation that most likely to create stress to the police officers, they should do the following.
Minimize the problem and the causes of the problem; this is the very efficient way of reducing stress by eliminating it sources. Like the rotational shift stress can be reduced by practicing permanent or fixed shift, instead of changing monthly the agencies can decide to shift the police after six month.
Introduce the physiological training and psychological skills. Mental ability is a preventative form of coping with stress. A person who is coping with stress is advised to have an enough sleep.
Providing counseling service to help the police to rebuild themselves after being the victim of stress.

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