Criminal Justice

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Criminal Justice
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Security Survey

A security survey involves an analysis of a company’s facility, personnel, and assets with the aim of evaluating its potential risks and creating measures to protect them. This analysis ensures that an organization does not come to a standstill during a potential crisis. In fact, a security survey should be an integral part of a company’s security program as it enables the gathering of valuable information that is critical to the design and implements appropriate security systems. Risk assessment is a vital factor in security survey and is a determinant in formulating the security systems. This essay aims to discuss how risk assessment applies to security survey. The first step of security survey...

Social Injustice From the War on Drugs

Social Injustice from the War on Drugs in the United States Name Institution Affiliation Date Abstract The issue of the social injustice is evident due to the war on drugs. The case is apparent in the United States due to the convictions of the victims. The social injustice can affect the social state of an individual and may contribute to depression on the victims. The social injustice victims have developed adverse effects such as low cognitive development which affects their performance and decision making. The government and other institutions have a responsibility in reducing the aspects of social injustices due to the war on drugs. The inequity affects the minority as well as the...

England Security

England Security Student’s Name Affiliation Major Events in pre-20th Century England This paper is based on analysing and discussing the various events that led to security development in the pre-20th century England. The article also focuses on the events that happened in the United States and contributed to the development of private security. The paper will focus on the phase of evolution that has enhanced security in both England and the United States. Private security is also discussed exclusively plus the factors that ensured its development. Most of the events described in this paper happened majorly in the eighteenth and nineteenth century. There are four phases of evolution in...

Examining What Makes Violent Crime Victims Unique: Extending Statistical Methods for Studying Specialization to the Analysis of Crime Victims

Examining what Makes Violent Crime Victims Unique: Extending Statistical Methods for Studying Specialization to the Analysis of Crime Victims Student’s Name Institution’s Name Abstract The field of victimization exists in fragments where several theories exist. Theorizing within victimization studies intends to locate and explain specific types of victims. Schreck et al. undertook a study to determine the factors that make violent crime victims unique. However, what stands out throughout the paper is the addressing of shortcomings apparent in the past and present victimization studies. In addition to having persons on the ground, the article employed the Item Response Theory as advanced by...

FBI: Safety or Privacy. Dealing with the legality of privacy breach.

Safety or Privacy: Dealing with the Legality of Privacy Breach Student’s Name: Course Title: Strategic Intelligence Task: Case Study – Continued Institutional Affiliation: Case Study: Microsoft Company and the US Government In 2013, the US Supreme Court issued a submission warrant that demanded Microsoft to release the email details and personal information of individuals involved in drug trafficking. The warrant compelled the Microsoft technology company to release personal information and private emails stored in a consumer’s email account. The private emails were stored by Microsoft in a server located in Dublin, Ireland. Although the tech giant complied with the request and warrant...

Foundations for Liability

Foundations for Liability Name Institution Affiliation Date Tort Law Tort law is the type of law applied by the court to relieve the individuals who have been harmed by other people’s wrongful acts. The individual who suffers the damage is called the plaintiff while the person who causes the injury is named the defendant (Cane, 2007). Criminal law deals with the wrongful act by which the government has perceived as a crime. In criminal law, there must be provided a standard proof beyond the doubt due to the imposition of the convictions such as fine and jail terms. The criminal law deals with the state versus an individual while the tort law involves two individuals. Three Types of Tort...

NYPD and Latinos

NYPD and Latinos Name Institutional Affiliation NYPD and Latinos The police are one of the units that citizens greatly depend on for protection within their different societies. Civilians expect equal treatment from the police at all times despite differences in culture, economic background and most importantly racial differences. In the recent times, the police have been in the limelight for many cases of racial profiling. Many people tend to think that racial profiling is only against the Black community (Weitzer & Tuch, 2002). However, with the rising events, Latinos have found themselves cornered by police officers. Latinos have faced the police brutal acts where the police beat...

Overview of Civil Liability

Civil Liability Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Date Civil Liability Police officers can be held responsible for their behaviors and majorly in the case of a misconduct. In a civil police lawsuit, a petitioner can prosecute the police for a number of reasons which only require a low level of prove for the police to be held responsible for his or her behavior, in the recent past the trends in civil police lawsuits has been increasing, and there are different forms that also comes with the rise. The patterns include an increase in cases that are successfully litigated against the police, a high number of judgment against the police regardless of their excellent record and good...

Drug Trafficking In Australia

DRUG TRAFFICKING IN AUSTRALIA By Course Tutor University City, State Date In an article that appeared on the ABC news on 28th of December 2017, an Australian woman escaped the death sentence in Malaysia for drug trafficking. The sitting judge released Maria Exposto on bond. Although she was caught with around 1.1kg of crystal meth, at Kuala Lumper International Airport coming to Sydney from Shanghai, the charges against her were cleared. Nevertheless, she has been detained for more than three years, and the judge ruled that she unknowingly tricked into carrying the drugs (Harvey, 2017, 12). However, the drug trafficking is not a new concept in Australia. It has been on the rise in the past...