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The Ghosts in The turn of the Screw

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The Ghosts in The turn of the Screw

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The Ghosts in the Turn of the Screw
It’s a fact that the novel is controversial when it comes to making various decisions concerning the ghosts that are visible by the governess. Settling on one single direction is hard as others are also plausible. However, the idea that the ghosts are real is arguable and clearly supported by the information provided by the novel itself. Mrs. Grose is one side with governess when it comes to the reality of the ghosts. Conventionally, one would actually expect the duo to disagree on the matter because the governess is seen by other characters as a narrator who is insane. They agree on the existence of the ghosts because of their similar social and economic status. In reality the existence of ghosts in their surrounding is a fallacy, and only portrayed to capture the status of those servants working in the household.
It is true that Grose and the governess are susceptible to believing of the existence of the ghosts because of their nature as servants. From a Marxist point of view, the idea of ghosts generally developed because it is synonymous to a servant, and the two subconsciously believed of their existence (Dillon 15). The servants from Bly are equated to ghosts because of their tendency of being hidden and not noticed in the outside world.
Through the use of Marxism, the novel is portrayed as having people who are of low class and considered as servants like a governess and Mrs. Grose who are se…

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