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Compensation Plan

Compensation Plan Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Specific Objectives For AirProducts Company, the sales plan shall focus on the outcome-based measures, and in particular, the sales results on the number targeted quarterly. Quota The Sales Representative is assigned the following Quarterly Quota. Performance Category Quarter 1 Quarter 2 Quarter 3 Quarter 4 Product Sales Target 300,000 300,000 300,000 700,000 Transaction and Credits For the company’s transactions that involve the Sales Representative, a commission is arrived at on the amount of sales ordered. Fifty percent of the calculated commissions are given out in the immediately after the subsequent commission pay...

Should physician assisted suicide be legalized

Name Instructor Course Date Should Physician-Assisted Suicide be Legalized? Physician-assisted suicide (PAS) is a word synonymous with a heinous death sentence for some group of people while, for others, it epitomizes the act of love for ending the agony of a loved one suffering from a life-threatening illness. PAS refers to the intentional act of ending a patient’s life by a physician after providing the patient with the counseling or required knowledge for the procedure. The legalization debate for PAS predominantly centers on compassionately relieving a patient of the suffering and pain, curtailing accrued medical costs, and protecting doctors. This medical procedure has erupted dire...

Religion in China and Japan

Religion in China and Japan Name Institution affiliation Abstract This paper majors on the comparison of the religion in China and Japan. It explores the rise of Buddhism in the two countries from the ancient period. The paper covers the similarities of religion in the current and the past period in both Japan and China. The major religions outlined in the paper include Buddhism, Christianity, Traditional Folk beliefs and practices, Judaism and Baha’i’s Faith. Similarly, the paper shall show how the political influence of the past impacted on the spread of the religion and the demographic distribution. Majority of the population in the two nations are non-religious as they practice...

The Ghosts in The turn of the Screw

Name: Instructor: Course: Date: The Ghosts in the Turn of the Screw It's a fact that the novel is controversial when it comes to making various decisions concerning the ghosts that are visible by the governess. Settling on one single direction is hard as others are also plausible. However, the idea that the ghosts are real is arguable and clearly supported by the information provided by the novel itself. Mrs. Grose is one side with governess when it comes to the reality of the ghosts. Conventionally, one would actually expect the duo to disagree on the matter because the governess is seen by other characters as a narrator who is insane. They agree on the existence of the ghosts because of...

Response “Mother Tongue by Amy Tan’s Essay”

Reader Response: “Mother Tongue” by Amy Tan From the beginning, “Mother Tongue” by Amy Tan has a feeling that remembers Richard Rodriguez’s “Aria: Memoirs of a Bilingual Childhood.” It has the same private feeling as if she were sharing something intimate about her life and her relation with the language. The many “Englishes” she uses are nothing but a reflex of herself. Through her mother and her grasp of English she comments on the fragmented nature of her language. The way she speaks to her and the way she speaks to the world. Consequently, Tan’s essay relates to how in bilingual households most children grow with a secret language they use to communicate to...

Discipline (dogs behaviour)

DISCIPLINE Name: Institution: Date: Discipline is not punishment; it is a set of rules, boundaries, and limitations in order to correct a behavior. Dogs experience discipline in early age from their mother, and this is a natural part of a dog's life. Boundaries and rules are very important in that they assure owner's leadership and help to keep the dog away from dangerous situations. Owners think that discipline is cruel and threatening to the dog. Discipline is all about carefully guiding dogs to what is right in order to help them learn gradually. Dogs should follow on what they are being guided. These help them to control their behavior. Just like human beings, dogs need to be shown love and...

Does Morality Need Religion

Does Morality Needs Religion? Name Institution affiliate Date Does Morality Needs Religion? Introduction Some philosophers have presented their opinions in dispute that the absence of God in our daily lives, it would be difficult to differentiate between right and wrong and that the society will lack the knowledge of morality. The society cannot do without religion and that has faced a lot of criticism from romanticizing religion; arguing that the society needs myths that help in identifying with fellow beings to help the society realize the importance of compassion that is not often regarded in our rational world (Hoashi, 1932). It is quite unfortunate since most of the statistics does...

Robert Adams

Student`s Name Instructor`s Name Course Number Date Robert Adams Robert Adams is an American author of the book "The New West". A book that conveyed him to the unmistakable quality of his vocation. Robert's work concentrates essentially on the scene and the various geographic landscapes around diverse states. Robert Hickman Adams child to Lois Hickman Adams and Ross Adams was conceived on May 8, 1937, in Orange, New Jersey. In the year 1940 they moved to Madison, New Jersey where his sister Carolyn was conceived. In 1947, he moved to Madison town where he contracted polio at age 12 on his back left arm. In any case, he recuperated, and it is around then where his family moved out to...

I have chosen to go to college at this junction in my life because of pursuing my and gain more knowledge, make connections, making more money

Name: Professor: Course Date Learning by watching In my childhood before i was 15 years old, I used to be a happy kid who would always enjoy the company of friends, and I had little worries. Then two years after completing my high school, I met a former classmate who had been through college. My parents always explained to me the importance of having a college education. They always told me that unless someone pursue college education he will not succeed in life. Their motivations and through the friend I confirmed that indeed it is through further education that a person can become successful. I decided to get back to college to be able to see the open life opportunities that I was to work...