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The custom of Chinese family

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The Custom of Chinese Family
The Culture is one full of rich traditions, customs, values, and superstitions that they still uphold to this day. They are religious in observation of different festivals during the year though the smaller ones no longer regarded as important. Some major festivals the Chinese people observe include the Lantern Festival, Double Seven Festival, and Chinese New Year amongst others. The timing and fall of a major festival within the normal calendar depend on the Chinese calendar, as one year may not be the same with another.
They value the family unit and marriage observed as a social and sacred institution for the continuance of the family and the lineage. There are many customs associated with it. After marriage, the woman moves in with the family of her husband and she is the ‘property’ of her husband and therefore no longer part of her parent’s family. With modern times, the man and the woman to get married have ample time to know each other unlike in the past when there were arranged marriages between the brides and groom’s family. The parents from both sides, the groom and the bride take over all the marriage arrangements to preserve the traditional customs, values, and superstitions and pass them over to the young couple. They highly regard weddings as they are a show of ‘might’ and wealth and the expensive it is, the better the rates and social status of the family of the …

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