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The creation of the US Flag

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The Creation of the US Flag
Many authors have written about the US flag. Reading such works is good because it helps one to understand the efforts of the founding fathers that painstakingly fought to ensure the future generations would have better lives than they did. Whereas some of the information, about the flag, is true and can be proven, there is no evidence to back up some information. There is evidence to prove the information about the earlier designs of the flag and the reasons for the current design of the US flag, but there is no evidence about the creator of the first flag of the nation.
The history of the designs of the flag
The flag has undergone many changes since the colonial days. One of its earliest versions is the 1765 Sons of Liberty. It had the ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ rattlesnake like most other American banners of that century. The sign was supposed to show the seriousness of the people on their decision to strike back to have their rights respected (Hamilton 30). The sign was famous among the people because they could relate to it at a deeper level.
The first unofficial flag of the nation was the Continental Colors also known as the Grand Union Flag. Over the years, the forefathers made references to this flag (Rankin 340). It was hoisted on January 1, 1776 at Somerville, Massachusetts. This followed General George Washington’s command.
The ‘Stars and the Stripes’ was the first official fla…

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