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Statistics assignment

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Statistics assignment

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Statistics

Level: College

Pages: 1

Words: 275

Statistics assignment
Q1. A distribution that has much less variability around the mean score than a normal distribution called a Leptokurtic distribution. The distribution is leptokurtic because it is peaked more than a standard normal distribution curve, and it also has positive excess kurtosis. It has a tall, slender peak in the distribution. It has more values close to the mean. In the real life application, an investment can be a leptokurtic in that the risks in the returns come from the outlier events. This can be a stock for investors who are ready to take extreme risks.
Q2. A researcher designs a study to examine the effects of social skills training on a sample of middle school students. He also intends to examine the effects of the training separately for girls and boys. What role does the gender variable play in this research design?
IV– Assigned subject variable, in the example gender is an independent variable and is an assigned subject variable. It shows an example of performing multiple experiments at the same time. It is a two experiment each having different hypothesis and variables running concurrently. The researcher intends to find out the effect of training the students on life skills when the students are together and another study when the students are trained as per their gender.
Q3. Key test validity issues include:
Interpretability and usefulness of test scores are the key test validity issues. The evidence in the results should be easy t…

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