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Circle the BEST answer. 1. An example of a quantitative variable is the horsepower of a car. -190500104140True 00True False -190500206375True 00True 2. An example of a qualitative variable is the make of a car.     False -171450153670 True 00 True 3. In an observational study, the variable of interest is called a response variable.True     False 609600256539False aaFalse 00False aaFalse4. In an experimental study, the aim is to manipulate or set the value of the response variable.True     False 5. Which of the following is NOT a qualitative variable?A. The make of a TVB. A person's...


AMDM-DB2 Most passengers boarding an airplane are apprehensive regarding the possibility of an air crash. Hence, different airliners and policy makers of aviation safety always try to reduce such apprehensions across the prospective fliers. One such measure is to increase the awareness of such stakeholders on aviation safety by highlighting the probability or possibility of dying due to an airplane crash. An article published in the Elite Daily by Haltiwanger (2015) highlighted that the probability of dying in an airplane crash is one out of every 5.4 million passengers. The author considered the past incidences of air crashes within a specific timeframe and divided the same by the number of...


DB#3 Conduct an experiment and record the data Table SEQ Table * ARABIC 1. Frequency table for data distribution Distance in meters that tennis ball is thrown by kindergarten pupils (m) Number of pupils (frequency) 1 2 2 4 3 7 4 5 5 7 6 3 7 15 8 13 9 10 10 6 Create a histogram Figure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 1. Histogram of distance in meters that a tennis ball is thrown by kindergarten pupils against the number of pupils that throw the distanceWhat is the shape of the histogram The histogram shape is random with no apparent pattern having many peaks. How would you expect the data distribution to look? I would expect the data distribution to be random with no distinct pattern and...

Statistics Questions

Statistics Questions Name Institution Statistics Questions Chapter 5 Question 5.11 (Using Z Distribution Table) Z=X-XS Z=125-10015 Z=1.667 PZ>1.67=0.9525 1 – 0.9525 = 0.0475 0.0475*100=4.75% 4.75% of the IQ scores are above Kristen’s 125. Z=X-XS Z=82-10015 Z=-1.2 PZ<-1.2=0.1151 0.1151*100=11.51% 11.51% of the IQ scores are below 82. Z=X-XS Z=91-10015 and 109-10015 Z=-0.6 and 0.6 P-0.6<Z=0.2743 P0.6>Z=0.7257 0.7257-0.2743= 0.4514 0.4514 *100=45.14% 45.15% of the IQ scores are within 9 points of the mean. Z=X-XS Z=60-10015 and 140-10015 Z=-2.67 and 2.67 P-2.67<Z=0.0038 P2.67>Z=0.9962 0.9962 -0.0038= 0.9924 1- 0.9924=0.0076...

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Assignment Results Name of the Student Professor’s Name Assignment Results The results were expressed in the form of descriptive statistics. Descriptive statistics help to portray different measures of central location and dispersion (Nick, 2007).   ADDSC IQ GPA mean 52.75044 102.644 2.509738 median 53 104 2.6 Mode 51.66667 95 3 Standard deviation 10.37259 12.80795 0.826243 Maximum 76.33333 137 4 Minimum 24.66667 55 0.25 Table 1: Represents the descriptive statistics of ADDSC, IQ, and GPA scores   ENGG   Frequency Cumulative Frequency E 0 3 D 20 23 C 66 89 B 74 163 A 28 191 Table 2: Represents the frequency and cumulative frequency of Grades of children received in English Most of...

Nursing and Statistics

Nursing and Statistics Name Nursing and Statistics When most people think of nursing the last thing they usually think of is statistics. However the use of statistics has become a very important part of nursing today. Consider the following quote: “Systematically collecting, analyzing, interpreting, disseminating, and using health data is essential to understanding the health status of a population, to assessing progress, and to planning effective prevention programs. Therefore, data are the foundation of Healthy People objectives” CITATION USD00 l 1033 (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2000). Health data is a massively growing field. The pure number of statistics that are...

Statitsics research proposal

Name Tutor Course Date Statistics Over the past years, I have believed that there is a relationship between the age of the dogs and the number of vet visit that they receive per year. I decided to conduct a survey regarding the matter and recorded the findings as stated in this discussion. I have a female pet dog that is currently six years old. In last year, she has had four pet visits. I intend to gather data by way of interviews. The participants will be the surrounding neighbors who have dog pets. All the participants will be visited in their residence for the interview, and the study will take place in their home as it is where the pets will be observed. In the research, the ethical issue...

amy tan

Name of the Student Professor’s Name Statistics Date APPRAISAL OF AMY TAN’S WORKS Background Amy Tan is an American writer whose creations are based on exploring the relationship between mother and daughter and the Chinese- American experience. Her renowned novel is “The Joy Luck Club” which is published in 35 different languages and has been filmed too. To understand the novels of the author, it is prudent to understand the background of Amy Tan. She was born in Oakland, California and was amongst the three children of Daisy Lee. Daisy Lee was a Chinese immigrant who married John Tan, an electrical engineer and a Baptist Minister. The childhood of Amy Tan was very sad...

Does Total Cholesterol and Cigarette Smoking Act as Suitable Predictors of MI: An analysis of Framingham Trial Subset Data

Does Total Cholesterol and Cigarette Smoking Act as Suitable Predictors of MI: An analysis of Framingham Trial Subset Data Introduction The Framingham Heart Trial is one of the most elaborative trials, which was conducted to evaluate the cardiovascular risk factors as all-cause morbidity and mortality. Various biochemical, cardiovascular and physical parameters were collected. These factors were correlated and regressed in various forms to understand the potential risk for cardiovascular ailments. These included stroke, myocardial infarction and coronary heart diseases. The review of literature suggests that smoking leads to vasoconstriction and hence it may be speculated to cause constriction of...