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State government paper

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State government paper

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The Sanctuary State Bill
The Governor of the state of California, Jerry Brown, recently signed into law Senate Bill 54, SB 54, also popularly known as ‘sanctuary state’ bill. The move comes in the wake of President Donald Trump’s increased hardline stance on immigration. California houses the highest number of undocumented in the United States of America. The signing of the bill into law means that state authorities are no longer mandated to work with the federal government in implementing any legal actions against immigrants. In fact, it makes it illegal for them to do so. It does this by limiting the manner in which state authorities aid federal law enforcers on matters related to immigration. Further, the law also creates some so-called “safe zones” that include schools and courtrooms. Many view it as a literal act of rebellion against the president whose stand on immigration is well-known.
State Senator Kevin De Leon spearheaded the authoring of the Bill. After a heated debate at both houses, the governor signed it into law on the 5th of October 2017. The vote was split 49 to 25, and this was majorly along party lines as expected at the state assembly. Once the bill was returned to the Senate for another round of voting, it went through by a 27 to 11 vote. The governor was also instrumental in making significant amendments that he believed were crucial to its success. The act is a plus for immigr…

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