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Starbucks Critical Analysis

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Starbucks Critical Analysis

Category: Case Study

Subcategory: Business

Level: College

Pages: 4

Words: 2200

Starbucks Critical Analysis
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Starbucks Critical Analysis
Question One
Business companies way use corporate powers in accomplishing set goals and objectives underpinned by corporate code. It is employed in the field of business organization in enhancing the accomplishment of set legal acts and promotion of successful decision-making. The company, therefore, has the right to conduct commercial activities independently such appointment of officers and to enter into contracts. It is through a corporate power that business attains completion of quality product and services to the consumers (Clark 2013). In contrast, some customers perceive the concept of corporate power as excessive and profit oriented as opposed to quality services. In certain occasions, corporations tend to commit unlawful acts with the aim of accomplishing business purposes.
Starbucks Company uses its corporate power in a beneficial way with the goal of promoting quality services and mutual relationship with coffee farmers and consumers. Therefore, Starbucks Company was purposely formed with an aim of educating consumers about coffee products and services. It provides people with high standardized and quality manufactured coffee products. Consequently, it incorporates helping customers in choosing best coffee quality. Thus, the business organization improved services and products have spiraled worldwide. …

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