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Social Problem: Drug Addiction

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Social Problem: Drug Addiction

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Sociology

Level: College

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Social Problem: Drug Addiction
Social Problem: Drug Addiction
Drug abuse in the world is a serious problem because drug abuse can cause accidents, unintentional injuries, medical problems, the risk of domestic violence, and death. Additionally, substance abuse as the effect of causing health problems such as lung cancers, diabetes, liver cirrhosis, cardiovascular disorder, reduced immune system, sexually transmitted diseases and complicated pregnancy. Lastly, the behavioural problems caused by drug abuse are paranoia, addiction, aggressiveness, impaired judgment, hallucinations, impulsiveness and loss of control. Therefore, drug rehabilitation centers are in place to prevent the negative impact of addiction from happening. Additionally, they also organise campaigns that create awareness that is it is necessary for people in general to avoid drugs and substances abuse.
Contrary, Searidge Drug Rehab is a known international figure in terms of providing care for people suffering from drug addiction. They focus on aspiring support and inspiring people who are struggling with substance abuse challenges. Background history of Searidge Drug Rehab is that it was founded to cater to the need for an addiction center in Nova Scotia in Canada. They offer the best quality recovery services at an affordable cost. The center offers other engaging programs such as yoga, acupuncture, mindfulness meditation, tai chi, relaxation therapy, creative art therapy, jo…

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