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Should rules requiring all members of a jury to agree for conviction be changed?

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Rules for the Whole Jury Agreement on Conviction
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The study of justice law is always evolving changing times come along with subtle but quite necessary amendments. The agreement of the jury on a conviction is a rule that has its pitfalls beginning by trying this question. If there were any member of the board who is not in full agreement on the guilty state, would that be of favor to the defendant? The sixth amendment of the Bills of Right, says that a defendant will enjoy the right to trial in criminal court by the impartial jury of the state; Burns, R. G. (2007) however, is it so.
This topic has debates in the criminal courtrooms, and every occasion the jury unanimously votes for a conviction Gilboa, I., & Vieille, N. (2002). There has for long always existed a question of whether the vote has not been not just unanimous but unfavorably strategic too? Compared to the majority rule where a vote is vital even the voters split their votes. In the unanimity vote, the vote is crucial only when the vote is as per the votes of the rest of the jury Timothy F. & Wolfgang P. (2007). When looked into profound and keen the way the information leading to the unanimous decision in the voting will always sound directive and mutual.
The audiences expected present for the defense of the thesis expect to be panel with advanced knowledge of the research topic. It will comprise professors of law and an expert team in criminal justice wi…

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