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Select an issue which international society is currently facing, describe its background and trials/efforts to solve it, and state your own opinion about future perspective on the issue

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Select an issue which international society is currently facing, describe its background and trials/efforts to solve it, and state your own opinion about future perspective on the issue

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The Syrian Refugee Problem
Reaching its peak in 2015, the situation has drawn the attention of the international community, raising concerns over the spread of terror in Syria and the Middle East as a whole. In recent months, world leaders have moved in to help salvage the situation. In the spring of 2011, the Arab world was engulfed in what would later be referred to as the Arab spring. In the context of this new twist arose what would latter morph into the Syrian Civil War. Unrest erupted throughout the nation with calls for the President to leave office, as was the case in other Arab countries. The government responded in kind, decreeing crackdowns for the protesters. In a turn of events, the conflict turned into an armed rebellion.
Despite neighboring countries moving in to help contain the situation, the violence blew out of control. Over time, the situation has become extremely unbearable for the Syrian populace, a majority having to seek refuge both within and outside Syria. During the early stages of the Syrian civil war, neighboring countries tried to intervene to avoid the situation from getting out of hand. Countries such as Iran tried to support the government in a bid to contain the armed rebellion. With the conflict showing no signs of ending, neighboring countries opened their borders to Syrian refugees fleeing the war. It is estimated that almost 10 million people have fled the countries, seeking refuge elsewhere.
The neighbors, as well as the European Union countries and the U.S, have all come in to provide humanitarian support as well as homes for the affected people. In addition to providing asylum for the refugees, there has been an increased call by the international community for a lasting solution not only in Syria but within the Arab region as a whole. European Union countries, as well as the US, have increased their uptake of the refugees over time.
The aforementioned countries are also offering jobs to the immigrants. Furthermore, supranational organizations, as well as neighboring Arab countries, have stepped in to try to end the conflict. The countries remain optimistic that the Vienna talks will bring a lasting solution and end the continued displacement of the Syrian people. The refugee situation provides Syria with a challenge to grapple with in future. A majority of the refugees are skilled and able-bodied men and women. If Syria were to undergo its reconstruction and move past the war, these men and women would be needed for the process to be a success. Whether these people will accept to go back after the war is something that is hard to anticipate. Some of the refugees have sought citizenship in their host countries for resettlement.
Host nations must also juggle between providing humanitarian support to the refugees and meeting the needs of their citizens, lest they are accused of neglect of their populace. In sum, despite erupting as an internal conflict, the subsequent war between the US and Russia has led many commentators to label the situation a proto-world war. This notwithstanding, however, all the countries have come to a realization that the refugee situation is a common problem that has to be tackled uniformly from all fronts. Taking sides will certainly be detrimental to the efforts to attain a lasting and sustainable solution.

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